RingCentral Glip Review: Consumer Functionality with Enterprise Security

Reviewing the ultimate RingCentral collaboration experience

RingCentral Glip Review: Consumer Functionality with Enterprise Security

We’re living in an era of “information overload,” where your employees are continually struggling to keep track of all the different sources of information in their workflow. Today’s employees have voicemails, instant messaging tools, email, filesharing programs, texts, and countless other resources to keep track of; it’s no wonder that companies end up with data silos and fragmented information.

RingCentral’s “Glip” service is more than just a team messaging application; It’s a solution to the issue of app overload. By pulling various forms of communication together into a simple and practical real-time experience, RingCentral Glip creates a collaborative workspace and universal hub for business resources.

Today, we’ll be looking at the fantastic features that RingCentral Glip has to offer, and how it can help your organisation to be more efficient, productive, and stress-free.

2018 Unified Communication Product of the Year

There are plenty of collaboration and communication tools on the market today, but RingCentral Glip goes above and beyond in terms of functionality and performance. With Glip, you access the tools your workforce needs daily, created by a company with years of experience innovating communication and collaboration.

As a leader in cloud communications, RingCentral is leading the way for the next generation of team productivity, and the Glip messaging platform is at the heart of that journey. In fact, RingCentral Glip earned the 2018 Communications Product of the Year as awarded by TMC.

As a complete communication hub, RingCentral Glip includes:

  • Enhanced team messaging: Engage in real-time conversations via text, voice, or video, from any device or location
  • File sharing and collaboration: Organise and share files within a central storage system to prevent data silos. Users can also add comments to shared data directly, to help with collaboration
  • Task management: Keep your projects on track by adding timelines and action items to each task. Name your teams and keep everyone organised in your business
  • Screen sharing: Instantly share screen information to collaborate with both clients and colleagues
  • Data storage: Access unlimited storage, posts, users, and project solutions within the RingCentral environment
  • Mobility: Download a desktop app or access RingCentral Glip from your smartphone with Android and iOS compatibility

Beyond Team Messaging to Team Alignment

RingCentral Glip is, first and foremost, a team messaging application, but it goes beyond that too. On the surface, with Glip you can send real-time messages to groups and colleagues, assign tasks to other workers, and even track the deadlines on projects. Features we love include:

  • Connections with RingCentral Office: Integrate RingCentral Glip with RingCentral office so that you can make calls anywhere in the world. The combined Glip and RingCentral Office solution also gives your team the ability to take advantage of RingCentral’s phone system directory. The simple and efficient UI automatically lists the people that your employees communicate with most frequently at the top of the list, helping to keep conversations and communication organized more rationally
  • Various modes of communication: Users can respond to a message on RingCentral Glip either through a quick instant message, or a click-to-dial function in the app when they need to accelerate the conversation to an audio call. The user interface is specifically designed to give teams access to everything from messaging to video conferencing, and any other UC channel they might need
  • Complete information history: Avoid the frustration of information overload and data loss with an entire history of all your messages and conversations in Glip. The single thread history helps employees to search through their conversation history quickly so that they can stop wasting time searching through silos for essential data
  • Immersive User Interface: The recently updated user interface comes with a permanent global bar across the top of the Glip application screen. RingCentral deliberately transported a massive amount of functionality into this space, so that users can access the tools they use most quickly. For instance, from your Glip global toolbar, you can:
    • Access your Glip profile
    • Create new messages
    • Create new Glip teams
    • Open a phone dial pad with RingCentral Office
    • Search for historical notes

Scalable Success for Any User

As a scalable UCaaS offering, RingCentral Glip and RingCentral Office provide companies of any size with the collaboration and communication services they need. The robust security credentials of RingCentral Office combined with the convenience and functionality of Glip make the combined experience genuinely compelling for any growing business.

RingCentral Glip also integrates with a wide range of popular business apps, including Box, Jira, Evernote, and Zendesk. Users are already seeing significant success with RingCentral Glip. For instance, a brokerage service in Detroit called RE/MAX were able to improve realtor performance inside and outside of the office with RingCentral Office and Glip. The combined communication and collaboration service helped employees away from the desk to stay connected when exploring the Detroit suburbs.

What’s more, RingCentral reveals that:

  • 96% of users say that Glip has made their communications strategy easier
  • 88% say that it’s helped them to manage more information within the same place
  • 64% believe that Glip helps them to deliver on projects faster and more efficiently

UC Today Opinion on Glip

As diverse workforces continue to search for the right balance between communication freedom, and information management, RingCentral Glip provides companies with the services they need, minus the confusion. RingCentral Glip offers the simple and streamlined messaging service that today’s businesses are looking for, to help them reduce the flood of emails hitting employee inboxes every day. At the same time, when incorporated with RingCentral Office, the two services create a full communication and collaboration hub, all with the same streamlined experience throughout.

For those searching for an end-to-end UC&C experience, RingCentral Glip could be the way forward. As digital innovators, RingCentral is committed to continually delivering the best innovations in their products, including the RingCentral Office portfolio. That means that you don’t just get a great product now, you also get a system that’s ready to adapt in the future.

Have you used RingCentral Glip yet? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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