Slack Announces New Salesforce Partnership Phase

Upgrades to the Slack / Salesforce partnership

Slack Announces New Salesforce Partnership Phase

As part of the thrilling Slack Frontiers Conference held in London, today, the 17th of October, Slack has just announced a new phase in its partnership with Salesforce. Salesforce is currently the biggest and most popular enterprise SaaS provider on the market. Slack’s enhanced partnership with the brand will allow for joint customers between both companies to establish more efficient and effective workflows while unlocking new opportunities for cross-team collaboration.

Slack is now introducing a massive update to the existing Salesforce Sales Cloud integration, as well as the arrival of a new integration with the Salesforce Service Cloud.

A New Era for Slack and Salesforce

According to the announcement at Frontiers, the new and improved integration between Slack and Salesforce will include a selection of exciting new updates, including:

  • Search and Preview functionality: This will give users to search through and explore a host of detailed records, including accounts, cases, and opportunities, all without the need to leave Slack. This reduces the amount of time spent jumping between separate apps.
  • Automated Notifications: Another exciting update includes the arrival of automatic and customized notifications that service reps will receive directly in Slack. They don’t need to stop what they’re doing to log into a separate tool with these notifications, which allows for workplace efficiency and concentration to continue uninterrupted
  • Information sharing between services: Team members can help to send records from Salesforce into Slack, choosing precisely with whom they should be sharing information. This means that sales reps in Slack can easily let the entire team know about the status of a crucial deal or reach out to subject matter experts when necessary

Strengthening the Salesforce Experience

The arrival of an even bigger and better integration between Slack, one of the leading collaboration and instant chat tools on the market today, and Salesforce, means excellent things for service reps. Today, the sales agents in the modern marketplace will have access to the simple collaborative tools that they need to communicate and work seamlessly with their colleagues. What’s more, they’ll be able to access all the crucial contextual information they need from Salesforce, without having to waste time on switching apps.

As the workplace becomes increasingly fast-paced, solutions that allow for a simple, single-pane-of-glass strategy are quickly becoming a must-have in collaboration.


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