Teamline Introduces New Meeting Solution

Teamline announces MultiJoin for Team Collaboration

Teamline Introduces New Meeting Solution

Teamline, a leading provider of enterprise collaboration and meeting room solutions integrated with the Microsoft UC platform, recently introduced their new MultiJoin solution. Established by the StarLeaf brand, Teamline offers today’s companies the only dedicated meeting room hardware solution specifically designed to add extra benefits to the Microsoft UC and collaboration experience. Today, the brand has announced that it’s delivering a new way to protect meeting room investments for people in the Microsoft environment, as the end of Skype for Business Online draws closer.

The MultiJoin solution is an innovative new offering that transforms any meeting room equipped with Teamline technology into a collaboration space that’s completely platform-agnostic. This means that you don’t have to worry about losing out on the money you’ve already spent building your Skype for Business meeting spaces. Users can have an easy-to-access way of joining Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Cisco Webex Teams, BlueJeans, and StarLeaf meetings instead.

Serving Todays’ Microsoft Users

Ever since Microsoft announced that it would be closing down Skype for Business Online in 2021, companies have been wondering how they’re going to continue making the most of their meeting rooms. If you already have a hardware solution set up for Skype for Business, then you may even be considering ripping and replacing your entire investment. The new Teamline offering offers an alternative solution. According to Steve Raffe, the Head of Teamline, the latest offering will ensure that customers can continue to benefit from their meeting rooms as they migrate into Microsoft Teams, or any other meeting room environment.

The MultiJoin agnostic meeting room system means that the enterprise can easily transition away from a Skype for Business roadmap at its own pace, without ripping out existing meeting rooms or taking on additional costs. Teamline rooms with MultiJoin will give customers the ability to maintain the longevity they need in their meeting room and collaboration investments.

Preparing for a Changing Landscape

Steve Raffe

Steve Raffe

This year, Microsoft announced that more than 500,000 companies are already using Microsoft Teams for collaboration and communication. These businesses are facing a growing demand to manage and join external and internal meetings held on a range of different environments. In some cases, making the most of those meetings can be difficult, particularly when internal systems are connected to legacy systems like Webex, but external companies are using newer services like StarLeaf and Zoom.

MultiJoin addresses the need for a more flexible meeting room environment by transforming the Teamline space into an utterly interoperable system. The solution comes with one button to push for all meeting solutions. Finally, users have a simpler way to access various meeting environments.


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