Unify Circuit: 6 Top Reasons to Buy Circuit by Unify

An efficient and effective way to collaborate with multiple tools

Unify Circuit: 6 Top Reasons to Buy Circuit by Unify

Unify is the latest member of the Atos family. It combines the reputation and knowledge that Atos has within the IT services market with expertise in UC&C. Unify have made team collaboration easier than ever thanks to the delivery of their new “Circuit” solution, a concept designed to make working with multiple tools easier than ever.


Here are our best reasons why you should think about buying Unify Circuit:

  1. Easy Focus: If you need to be “uninterrupted” for a while during work, you can put your Unify Circuit notifications on snooze so that you can focus on your most important projects. When you’re ready, you can also search through the information in your conversation threads to see what you’ve missed.
  2. Flexibility: Since the world today is more mobile than ever, Unify Circuit allows you to move your conversations with you wherever you go. You can swipe your calls from one device to another, and download from the Apple store, or Google Play.
  3. Great interconnectivity: Unify Circuit plays well with others, that means that you can link your outlook emails and meetings to Circuit conversations, and share documents saved in other apps. You can also create your own plug and play extension solutions as Circuit APIs are available to all software vendors, system integrators, and developers.
  4. Security: According to the ISO270001 security management framework, all conversations within Circuit are completely secure and encrypted. There are numerous layers of security protecting your access to Unify Circuit.
  5. HD Quality: Thanks to WebRTC, any device with a web browser can be converted into a sophisticated device for communications. Unify Circuit can offer HD video, voice, and screen-sharing solutions.
  6. Guest access: If you need to offer a more comprehensive collaboration experience, you can invite your customers to join you through Unify Circuit!


  • Collaboration conversations
  • HD video and calls
  • Screen sharing
  • Call moving
  • Snoozing
  • Searching
  • API integration
  • Outside calling
  • Guest access

Unify Circuit is a fantastic new solution for bringing team members and guests together through seamless collaboration. Projects can be organised in minutes so that everything is done according to your schedule. Have you tried Unify Circuit for yourself?

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