Using Skype Room Systems? Then Don’t Upgrade to Windows 10

Microsoft repeats warnings for Skype Room Systems users

Using Skype Room Systems? Then Don’t Upgrade to Windows 10

Microsoft recently made another announcement warning customers with Skype Room Systems version 2 not to upgrade to Windows 10 (Version 1709). If you are a Skype Room Systems user, then avoid the upgrades at all costs, as this product has only been validated for use with the previous version of Windows 10 – not the latest patch.Skype for BusinessThe warning issued by Microsoft is a repeat of a similar announcement made in December 2017, in which Microsoft declared that the version 2 systems are only available for use with the English-language and 64-bit windows 10 version 1703. The tech giant apparently needs more time and testing before they can approve Skype Rooms devices with the latest Windows 10 release.

Skype Rooms and Windows 10 (1709) Aren’t Compatible

Skype Rooms are simply specialised systems for UC build by hardware partners working with Microsoft like Polycom, Logitech, Lenovo, and Crestron. The products only recently rolled into the market and are now undergoing testing to ensure that they work seamlessly with Teams – Microsoft’s future strategy for replacing the Skype for Business client.

For some reason, the Skype Room systems simply don’t play well with Microsoft Windows 10 version 1709. Currently, the company is unable to reveal why the problems exist with Windows and Skype Rooms. For now, they have stopped the OS upgrades from rolling out to Rooms devices. If an upgrade connects to a Skype Rooms 2 device, then it will simply fail silently in the background. However, you shouldn’t try to force the upgrade manually.

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The good news is that a solution is on its way for customers who are concerned about staying up to date with the latest Windows patches. Microsoft has promised that testing with version 1709 should soon come to an end, which means that the block will be removed.

Microsoft Asks Users for Patience

If you do attempt to force an upgrade before the block is removed, you’ll probably get a message saying something about uninstalling a Rigel Skype Room system.

Don’t be confused, Microsoft is simply trying to tell you that there’s a reason your operating system upgrade isn’t working. Some experts suggest that the “Rigel” term comes from the “Project Rigel” name for Microsoft’s partner programme designed to bring Skype for Business UC to meeting room equipment.

For now, if you’re eager for an update there’s nothing you can do but sit back and wait for Microsoft to finish tweaking the system. Microsoft has issued warnings to IT pros that attempting to uninstall the Rigel app could cause more problems with your UC services, as it will mean that you’ll need to re-adjust the entire system after the 1709 upgrade becomes available.


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