What’s New to Cisco Webex Teams?

New releases for May 2019

What’s New to Cisco Webex Teams?

May has been a busy time for companies in the collaboration sector.

If you’ve been wondering what’s new with Cisco Webex Teams lately, then there are a handful of updates that you may need to catch up with.

For instance, starting this month, (June), you’ll be able to get more context from your contacts when you visit a contact card. There are additional fields in the contact page so that you can check things like department name, and the name of a person’s manager too, along with their email address and contact number.

Here are some of the other recent updates to appear in Cisco Webex Teams.

Easy Meetings from Anywhere

One major update from Cisco Webex Teams this month comes in the form of a new way to bring people together. Previously, if you wanted to add multiple people to an existing space, you’d need to enter your contacts one at a time. However, the Webex team wanted to make things a little simpler. Now, you can add as many as 50 people to a space at once.

All you need to do is search for your contact, select each of the contacts you want to add into a space, then pull them over into your collaboration environment.

Another way that Webex is making the Teams experience simpler is by allowing you to launch your Webex Teams experience from anywhere. New support for Protocol handlers will will enable you to embed a picture or link into a webpage, or as a signature on your email. When someone clicks on this feature, it will launch Webex Teams and bring the user into either a team or 1:1 space.

Cisco is also delivering support for people who want to initiate a Webex Teams meeting using an additional protocol handler system too.

Updating your Daily Meetings

One creative update that appeared for Cisco Webex Teams users recently is the introduction of the new Infinite Whiteboard feature. When you’re drawing on a whiteboard, and you come towards the edge of the screen, it will scroll out and give you more room to work with.

For whiteboard users, Webex is also introducing the option to share new whiteboards into meetings with your colleagues, allowing you to get your collaboration experiences started faster. Your annotations will be in the same locations as your whiteboards.

Cisco Webex Teams

Cisco Webex Teams

Finally, in May, the people at Webex Teams announced the launch of their new data centres across Europe to host identity information and encryption keys for customers that address data locality needs. These solutions augment the existing data centres that Webex already offered in North America, which previously hosted and supported all Webex Teams users.

Going forward, users in Cisco Webex Teams will be able to collaborate with anyone across the globe using a single global identity, so their experience won’t be affected by the location of your individual data storage solution.


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