Workplace by Facebook Set for New Price Hike

New prices for Facebook collaboration tool

Workplace by Facebook Set for New Price Hike

The Workplace by Facebook group recently confirmed an upcoming upheaval of their pricing structure, along with the arrival of a new tier designed specifically for Enterprise users.

This is the first time in 3 years that Workplace has seen an increase in price, and it comes at a time when the other collaborative vendors on the market are striving to keep costs as low as possible to earn more customers. However, the Workplace by Facebook team believes that this restructure could be a crucial step in making the offering more competitive in the current marketplace.

The new pricing tiers will appear for the first time on the 2nd of September this year, which gives companies just enough time to adapt their budget to the new costs.

The New Prices for Workplace by Facebook

Though an increase in pricing won’t be a welcome change for most users, it may help to know that the basic tier will be remaining free of charge and is set to be rebranded as “Workplace Essential.” Additionally, the current premium tier available for $3 per active user will be rebranded as “Workplace Advanced,” with a price hike to $4 per active user each month.

Facebook is also introducing a new higher-tier version of the service known as “Workplace Enterprise,” which will be sold for $8 per user per month. This new package will come with a variety of new services intended to provide quicker, guaranteed support to customers. Users in the Enterprise tier will also be the first to access any new features from Workplace.

To support the rise of the changing workforce, Facebook will also be introducing a new add-on package in the form of “Workplace Frontline.” This option will cater to frontline workers who are responsible for dealing with the general public each day. Often, these on-the-move workers can end up being disconnected from the rest of the team with some collaboration apps.

The “per user per month” format is also a change for Facebook, as the Workplace tool previously charged according to how many users were active on a company’s account. The flat-fee solution will also mean that customers can get a more predictable rate for their digital tools.

Why Increase Prices?

Although no-one enjoys paying more for their services, the restructure is something that Workplace by Facebook considers to be necessary considering the fierce market competition. The tool needs to mature in the face of an expanding selection of alternative collaboration vendors. Facebook’s Julien Codorniou wrote in a blog post that the restructure is “just the next step” in a plan to help the world access a better place to work together.

Workplace by Facebook plans to continue refining and developing their solution in partnership with heir clients to ensure that they’re offering an innovative experience for productive work. Already, the platform has seen some success despite fierce competition from companies like Slack and Microsoft Teams, with more than 2 million paid users to boast about.

It remains to be seen whether the pricing structure will be a positive step forward for Facebook or not.

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