Zang and Avaya Introduce 7 New Workflow Updates

Faster, more efficient communication from Avaya

Zang and Avaya Introduce 7 New Workflow Updates

Avaya Holdings Corp company Zang recently announced that they’d be launching a range of fantastic workflow updates into their communications suite. The additions are intended to help businesses of all shapes and sizes communicate more efficiently, improving opportunities for team collaboration and engagement.

As the differentiation in the current marketplace grows more reliant on customer experience (CX), Zang’s new workflow updates are designed to enhance the bridge between brands and clients. The updates should ensure that companies have everything they need to optimise their communications strategy.

Introducing the Latest Updates

According to the General Manager of Zang, Mo Nezarati, the path to exceptional communication in today’s environment is all about empowering companies with the right tools. The seven clever upgrades delivered by Zang should help to boost communication and collaboration both internally and externally for modern brands, helping them to prepare for digital transformation (DX). The latest features include:

  1. Template-based Workflow: By offering a template that companies can adjust according to their specific needs, Zang makes it simpler and quicker for companies to launch a system that meets any requirement. Whether it’s out-of-the-box strategies or more complex workflows, users can see results faster
  2. Arrow Connect IoT Tasks: IoT has emerged as one of the most disruptive technologies for modern businesses. The new “Arrow Connect” platform in Zang Cloud helps users to seamlessly integrate smart devices and sensors into existing workflows
  3. Custom Events: Available through the designer tab, the “custom events” feature allows users to add SMS communication and phone calls to user workflows
  4. New Tasks: The Zang Cloud is always designed to make it easier for users to add tasks to their workflows. The recent update is intended to make the experience more intuitive with the addition of options like Send MMS, Add Participant, Speech Recognition, Play Recording, and “Record and Transcribe”
  5. Invoking Workflows from REST: The “REST” client has become a powerful API model in recent years, and Zang is building on that with the opportunity to initiate workflows from the REST platform. This can help to deliver a more agile and mobile-friendly collaboration environment for companies
  6. Definition of Properties: Since development on the back-end can be a complex challenge for any business user, this tool makes it easier for users to define necessary properties in the workflow to keep everything running on time (and according to budgetary restraints)
  7. Ease of Conditions: Finally, this workflow update adds basic accounts and authenticity tokens set to the REST call users generate when creating their own workflow. Anyone in a user environment will be able to call into Zang without the need for a purchased number

Overcoming Complexity in Collaboration

Zang by Avaya is an organisation designed to provide companies with digital solutions for simple and efficient communications. Zang Workflow is the graphical design tool that the company offers to empower users to build their own apps and workflow strategies. The service is easy to use and adopt and doesn’t require users to learn complex programming languages to develop incredible solutions.

By consistently updating the service with new and improved strategies for success, Zang hopes to deliver ever-improving experiences for its customer base.

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