Zoom Partners with Oculus for Virtual Meetings

Tom Wright

Meetings and whiteboards will be integrated into Horizon Workrooms

Zoom Partners with Oculus for Virtual Meetings

Zoom has partnered with Oculus to create virtual meetings spaces.

The tie-up will see Zoom Whiteboard and Zoom Meetings integrated with Oculus’ recently announced Horizon Workrooms.

Workrooms lets colleagues meet as avatars in a virtual space.

“The goal is to allow users to access their Zoom Whiteboard and Zoom Meetings within the virtual Workrooms environment when this ships early next year,” Zoom said.

“With this collaboration, we aim to let people immerse themselves into the Zoom Whiteboard no matter what device they join from, all while in a Zoom meeting”

Zoom said that the newly launched whiteboard will enable seamless, asynchronous collaboration across multiple devices.

The partnership with Oculus means that users will be able to edit and save these whiteboards in virtual environments.

Zoom added that the integration will be available early next year.

Mike Lebeau, Director of Product Management at Oculus, said: “We’re thrilled to be teaming up with Zoom to start taking a major step forward and building towards this vision together. 

“You and your team can use workrooms to brainstorm or whiteboard out an idea, work on a document, hang out and socialise, or simply just have conversations that flow more naturally. “

Workrooms was revealed by Facebook and Oculus last month and is currently in open beta.



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