The Best Zoom Productivity Apps in 2022

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The 14 best Zoom apps for productivity

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The Best Zoom Productivity Apps in 2022

Zoom has become one of the most popular video communication tools. One of the main reasons for this is its productivity experiences that are not limited to video calling alone. The video communication provider offers a wide range of integrations and apps that make it easier to fit Zoom into one’s broader productivity stack.

Zoom Apps are a new category of integrations launched in July 2021. They connect the video tool with third-party platforms and services to enable interoperability like regular integrations. Apps are available directly inside the Zoom interface, embedding a wide range of third-party features into the call experience. Zoom apps appear side-by-side with the video stream so that meeting participants can perform productivity tasks even as they speak on call.

Here are the eleven best Zoom apps for productivity in 2022, in no particular order:

1. Dropbox Spaces

This app connects a video call with a specific Dropbox Space, bringing all the elements of Dropbox’s virtual work environment into Zoom. In doing so, it allows users to assign tasks, share files, plan projects, edit work elements, and interact with all the components of the Dropbox workspace without having to leave Zoom. All the information recorded during a Zoom meeting will synchronize with the participants’ Dropbox accounts for future use.

2. Asana App for Zoom

Asana is a popular task and project management tool, and the app lets users add content to Asana from Zoom. Users can add Asana action items to the call agenda, and once the call ends, the app automatically sends the recording and transcript to the user’s Asana account. The app is also available during calls, allowing meeting participants to set action items, plan tasks, and conduct polls in real time.

3. Miro

Miro is a digital whiteboard tool available as part of your Zoom calls. The app links video meetings to a Miro board so all meeting participants can view the board, edit items, and share their inputs. A variety of whiteboard features are available through the app, including diagramming tools, sticky notes, and templates for lean and agile project teams. Miro synchronizes the board with the user’s Miro account after the meeting for continued collaboration.

4. Grain for Zoom

Grain makes Zoom meetings more productive by providing users with several ways to capture and export meeting content. Users can capture and annotate clips from a video meeting and share them on any third-party channel. The app can also analyze meetings and create summaries, noting important meeting highlights and action points. Grain supports workflow automation so that meeting content enters channels like Slack or Asana without human intervention.

5. Timer

This is an app that Zoom has created to help meeting participants track time and hold time-bound activities like quizzes, training, and countdowns to an announcement. Its function is simple – a timer appears on the right side of the video feed, and users can set it for a specific number of minutes and seconds. Once the time is up, the app will alert the meeting participants through a customizable audio clip.

6. Poly is a conversational feedback platform that works with chat software like Slack, Teams, and Zoom. It offers a powerful Zoom app that lets users schedule polls to make meetings more useful. There are a few built-in poll templates like icebreakers and project feedback gathering. It supports the creation of draft polls for future meetings and response anonymization for security. Poll results appear in a variety of formats, including word clouds.

7. Analytics with Read Dashboard offers data dashboards that track meeting engagement, audience sentiment, and productivity. Now, the app brings  Read directly into the Zoom call. Doing so means meeting hosts and participants can track progress in real-time. It shows how engagement rises/falls through meeting and highlights which participants dominate the conversation. Users can rely on the app to drive more inclusive and productive Zoom meetings.

8. Twine for Zoom

Twine for Zoom absorbed Heyyo Chat, a messaging add-on for Zoom that allows participants to conduct real-time breakout chat sessions. Chat conversations can have different threads, and users can pin messages to read later. Like most platforms, twine for Zoom supports @mentions and emojis in chat windows. Significantly, Users can edit messages sent using the Zoom app at any time and find a complete history in the user’s Zoom account.


The Spinach Zoom app drives team productivity through more effective daily meetings. Meeting hosts can ask a question through the app’s round table feature and receive an honest answer from participants. Spinach is also helpful in reflecting on Zoom – it has a template to help users share their achievements, blockers, and upcoming sprint plans.

10. Box app for Zoom

The file-sharing firm Box offers a Zoom app to improve productivity. It allows users to open their Box account from Zoom and directly access the files without changing apps. One of the critical features of the Box app is that PowerPoint files now open in Zoom. A meeting participant can find a folder on Box, find a presentation, and click on a PPT file to deliver it using Zoom.

11. DocuSign

The DocuSign app displays contracts and agreements with a Zoom call so that people in meetings can go over the details together and provide their signatures. Because of this, it speeds up the contract signing and approval process by making it live. DocuSign syncs all live signatures with the user’s account.

12. Otter

Otter integrates with Zoom to record meetings and make notes. So, the app does this in two ways – real-time in meetings, acting as live captions, or through post-meeting transcriptions.

Otter lets users go back through meetings and view meeting notes alongside the audio recording. It is compatible with Zoom’s Pro, Business and Enterprise plans.

13. Atlassian Jira and Service Desk

The Atlassian Jira and Service Desk integration lets users start Zoom video meetings from service desk tickets. In doing so, support teams can more easily keep track of software releases and patches, while providing better service to users.

Video calls can lead to a quicker fix than chat and email exchanges for more complex tickets. Any meeting recordings will also be displayed in the ticket in Atlassian’s dashboards.

14. Notion

Notion is an all-in-one workspace that combines notes, docs, wikis and project management in one platform. The Zoom integration takes this further adding Zoom meetings directly in Notion documents, meaning teams can collaborate in one place.


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