Turning Talk into Action with Voicea Acquisition

Cisco announces the acquisition of Voicea

Turning Talk into Action with Voicea Acquisition

In today’s agile and dynamic world, it’s essential to find ways to remain as efficient and productive as possible. That’s why Cisco, a leader in communication and collaboration technology, is introducing a new intelligent addition to its portfolio. Cisco Webex aims to make note-taking in meetings a thing of the past, with new strategies for productive and actionable conferencing sessions. Part of this strategy begins with the acquisition of Voicea; a voice collaboration platformed powered by EVA.

EVA (Enterprise Voice Assistant) is a state-of-the-art transcription service provided by Voicea, which blends automated speech recognition and AI into a powerful strategy for today’s teams. The EVA offering can take commands, capture information in meetings, and perform actions, like sharing notes with groups. With EVA in calls and conferences, team members can concentrate on what’s happening in the conversation, without worrying about missing out on important notes.

Bringing EVA into Cisco Webex

In a press release about the acquisition, Cisco announced that it was thrilled to be bringing Voicea into the Cisco Webex family. Going forward, Cisco will be working on bringing EVA into the entire portfolio of collaboration tools that they offer. Cisco believes that the possibilities of transcription tools like EVA and conversational AI like Webex Assistant are endless. When these two engines are combined, businesses will have access to an incredible meeting assistant, ready to enhance every conference session.

Users in meetings will be able to see live transcriptions, publish meeting highlights and summaries, and capture or automate action terms. Additionally, Workflows can be pushed through voice commands into systems like Trello, Salesforce, Asana, and Teams, making for a more consistent workstream.

With EVA and Webex, users can:

  • Access real-time transcription capabilities for a more comprehensive and inclusive workplace
  • Pick up where you left off in meetings with a transcribed version of your call
  • Upgrade your corporate culture by updating your EVA experience with company jargon and acronyms that are unique to your team
  • Avoid FOMO by ensuring that everyone is kept on the same page – even if they miss a meeting or conference

Transforming the Meeting Environment

Amy Chang

Amy Chang

Cisco has already been taking huge steps towards improving the collaboration and meeting room space in businesses with their Cognitive Collaboration portfolio. The new acquisition of Voicea takes this effort to the next level, with even more incredible intelligence to bring into the business conversation. The GM and SVP of Cisco Collaboration, Amy Chang, commented on the acquisition in a recent press release. She noted that she has been working to bring more context and intelligence into every aspect of the Cisco collaboration portfolio.

According to Chang, it’s important for businesses to update their communication environment. With AI and machine learning, it’s possible to bring more enriched information and context to users, without asking them to deal with sophisticated technology. This new acquisition of Voicea, combined with the integration of EVA into Cisco Webex, will help Cisco to strengthen its cognitive collaboration roadmap.


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