Unify: Which Collaboration Character are You?

Take the quiz to find out which collaboration character you are and find your workUtopia

Unify: Which Collaboration Character are You?

Unify is currently doing something different in the Unified Comms industry. They’re marketing to the person. Long has been the case where businesses market to businesses, forgetting there is a human being representing that business when they read a blog or download a data sheet.

Going a step further, Unify is running its workUtopia campaign to change the way we work. By finding out how we work on a per person basis, Unify can help design your communication and collaboration experience. In this post, we’ve broken down the collaboration characters often seen in the workplace. Once you’ve taken the test online, you can help Unify tailor a solution to meet your needs.

Perhaps you can spot yourself here immediately. Maybe you’re stuck between two or three personas that best fit your working style. There’s only one way to find out. Have a read over the personas to see if you can predict who you’ll get then take the test online for your results.

Why not get everybody in your organisation to take this 2 minute test? It’s free insight into how your teams work and what will work best for them.

The one who flies in, ruffles feathers and leaves

Steven SeagullWe all know a Steven Seagull. Love them or hate them, every small business has one and every enterprise has one.

Unify sees Steven Seagull as a cross between a drill sergeant and a ballet teacher, these managers are great at keeping people on their toes. However, Seagull’s management style sometimes involves making snap decisions on issues of which they have little understanding. They can fly in, flap their wings and then fly out, leaving others to clean up the mess.

How to work with them – The details and discussions involved in a topic have often been invisible to them. Add them to the online conversation so they can review and understand the discussion and easily contribute.

The one who has managed to bluff an entire career on snippets of wisdom

Side StepperIn every person’s career, there’s a time when you’ve had to bluff something. Maybe an interview or a presentation. Some people just get through. The Side Stepper.

Unify says this is the person who somehow gets to the top of the tree by saying things that sound insightful but are ultimately meaningless. They will deliver these haikus of hot air, these pies of wisdom with the confidence of a decorated army general. They’ll reply to emails asking for feedback with phrases such as ‘you’re onto something here’ and will be working on ‘something exciting that is still at early stages’.

How to work with them – The best way is by simply asking them to elaborate in writing.

The one who keeps you in the dark

Secret AgentBeing a secret agent sounds incredible on the face of it. However, when working in a team, withholding information isn’t the best trait – unless security and compliance is your forte?

Unify identifies the Secret Agent as a protective soul and you would have more luck strapping James Bond to a chair than getting any information from them. They like to shield their team from internal politics and unnecessary details. This characteristic can help teams to focus but it can have drawbacks. The team often feel projects are on a need to know basis and the budget is a secret akin to Area 51.

How to work with them – The best way to work with a secretive colleague is to use a collaborative work solution where all information can be shared and found easily.

The one who wishes the weekend wasn’t so darn long

Positive PennyIt’s not easy to put your hand up to being this collaboration character. But some people thrive on work and productivity.

Unify recognises Positive Penny as the love child of a college cheerleader and the Duracell bunny after they’ve drunk a bucket of espresso, Penny positively reeks of positivity. Like a ray of light that makes the sun feel like quitting the day job, this team player is an invaluable member of any company. Penny can be a little too much on a Monday morning … and Tuesday morning -in fact every morning before you’ve had your coffee.

How to work with them – Share every part of the project with Penny and let her comment openly so the rest of the team are energised by her positivity

The one who doesn’t believe in using a language we all speak when he can bamboozle you instead

Buzzword BillWorking as a marketer and journalist in the Unified Comms, Collaboration and Customer Experience sector could see me easily end up as a Buzzword Bill.

The only thing these people love more than a buzzword is an acronym. In fact they dream of the day someone invents buzznocryms. Whether it’s a brainstorm, a deep dive or some gatekeeping, they’re in their swim lane and have the bandwidth to handle them all. The good thing about Buzzword is that they’re enthusiastic, always looking for what’s new and stay ahead of industry trends.

How to work with them – get them to compile a glossary of industry terms the whole team can refer to on a collaborative work solution.

The one who knows what to do in any situation

Model ProWhen I took the test, I got The Model Pro. No pressure!

This colleague will never let you down. More reliable than a Japanese train run on a Swiss clock by a German stationmaster, this is the go to person in any company. They can however sometimes take on too much work in their desire to please.

How to work with them – The model pro will always add value to a project and is the ideal person to turn to. Keep them informed on all projects and address them directly in group collaborations when their advice is needed.

So, which collaboration character are you?

Take the quiz here to find out and let us know in the comments.


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AvatarPatrick Watson 18:01, 22 Mar 2019

‪I was completely honest and I got ‘Positive Penny’ ‬

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Ian TaylorIan Taylor 11:35, 22 Mar 2019

It’s a fun quiz – I’m keeping my persona to myself!

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