Angekis Saber IP 20x Review

Next-level plug-and-play video

Angekis Saber IP 20x Review

As the modern workforce continues to evolve, driven by trends like globalisation and remote working, the demand for video conferencing is rising. Today’s companies need a way to ensure that their teams stay connected and collaborating, regardless of distance.

Like any communication strategy, your video conferencing efforts will always work best with the support of the right tools and accessories. This means that you need not only high-quality microphones, headsets, and speakers, but also a state-of-the-art camera.

Angekis, one of the market leaders in the USB video device environment, produced their range of “Saber” products to serve the need for reliable, plug-and-play high-definition video in the modern workplace. The Saber is the flagship model for Angekis, and the endpoint has won numerous awards in recent years, including ISE best in show.

The Features of the Angekis Saber IP 20x

The Angekis Saber IP 20x is the professional-grade video camera in the Saber collection. The FHD IP PTZ device is available alongside the Saber 12x, Saber 4K and the Saber Light.

Building on a strong history of success for the Saber portfolio, the 20x is a high-level plug-and-play camera solution, offering state-of-the-art image quality for video surveillance and conferencing. This new and improved version of the Saber is another insight into Angekis’s commitment to leading the way in the USB video conferencing endpoint market.

The Saber IP 20x adopts one of the market’s most advanced DSP, 1/2.8 inch 5MP sensor, for higher-quality images. It also comes with automatic access to your IP address, 128 presets to choose from, and an image-flip function so you can install it on your ceiling and still get a great picture.

Features include:

  • 2x digital zoom and 20x optical zoom
  • 60-degree fOV
  • 1080p video over IP
  • Support for H.264 and H.265 encoding
  • POE support
  • IP, SD, HDMI, and USB outputs
  • Stunning PTZ mechanical design
  • Accurate pan-tilt control
  • State-of-the-art focusing algorithm
  • 3D noise reduction feature
  • Functional IR remote controller
  • Daisy chain support

The Benefits of The Angekis Saber IP 20x

Intended for modern businesses that need to tap into the benefits of video conferencing quickly and easily, the Saber IP 20x is a plug-and-play solution for conferencing and video surveillance. Along with professional-grade image quality, Angekis also delivers an attractive, modern design, with flexible installation options. The image flip feature means that you can install your camera anywhere and keep it out of the way during collaboration sessions.

Benefits include:

  • Easy to set up and use: Offering a true plug-and-play experience, the Angekis Saber IP 20x supports USB, SDI, HDMI, and IP outputs – so you can plug in any way that you choose. There’s automatic IP access, and daisy chain support if you want to install multiple cameras around a larger conference room
  • Excellent video quality: Over IP, you can achieve a 1080p video stream, ideal for crystal-clear images in the workplace. The Saber IP 20x from Angekis also comes with 20x optical zoom, 2 times digital zoom, a 60-degree field of view, and accurate pan and tilt control. You can create the perfect image and maintain it throughout your entire meeting
  • Eliminate unwanted noise: The Saber IP 20x also comes with WDR, and 3D noise reduction, so you can eliminate any unwanted fuzziness that might distract your users. There’s also a special focusing algorithm that helps bring your team back into focus quickly when you’re zooming in on an image, panning, tilting, or moving
  • Remote control: If you decide that you want to keep your camera out of the way, then you can install it on the ceiling, and use the image flip function for easy upside-down picture management. Plus, there’s an IR remote included too!

Target Market & Regional Availability

Like many of the cameras in the Angekis Saber range, the Saber IP 20x is excellent for a wide range of different end-users. Whether implemented in a small huddle room space, or a large conference room, you can rely on the Saber to deliver an exceptional picture quality with as little hassle as possible. Currently, the device is available through distributors worldwide, and Angekis is looking for new people to join their distribution team as well.

Angekis devices are well-suited to law courts, governments, educational institutions and more.

How to Buy & Pricing

In today’s competitive video conferencing market, Angekis strives to stay ahead of the competition by offering an affordable route to high-quality video. The Angekis Saber IP 20x currently doesn’t have a price listed on the Angekis website, but you can get a quote for your system by contacting your local distributor.

On the other hand, if you’d like to explore the opportunity to become an Angekis Saber reseller, then you can contact the Angekis brand.

FAQ & Finishing Thoughts

Designed to make video conferencing simple, the Saber IP 20x is a fantastic piece of high-quality plug-and-play equipment. Easy to set up within a matter of minutes, this Angekis device will ensure that you send a crystal-clear image to the people at the other end of your conference, for more meaningful meetings.

Q: What are the video specs:

A: 1080p over IP, with 20x optical zoom and 2x digital zoom. 60-degree diagonal field of view.

Q: What kind of video ports are available?

A: HDMI, USB 2.0, USB 3.0, SDI, and RI45

Q: How does the remote work?

A: Dual IR receivers give you fantastic coverage when you want to adjust your camera settings from anywhere in your conference room.

Q: How can I mount the Saber IP 20x?

A: The Saber IP 20x can be mounted on the wall or the ceiling using the image flip function to give you a fantastic image – even upside down.



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