Avaya Scopia Video Conferencing Review: VC & XT

Your introduction to Avaya Scopia

Avaya Scopia Video Conferencing Review: VC & XT

Leaders in communication endpoints and software, Avaya offers an exceptional opportunity for companies that want to embrace the potential of both hardware and software for an all-in-one video conferencing solution.

Avaya Scopia, available in the form of Video Conferencing (VC) and the XT Telepresence platform, provides an immersive video experience that replicates in-person meetings. Highly customisable, these unique video services are ideal for meetings, conference calls, and interviews. Here, we’ll explore the Scopia portfolio in further depth. Avaya’s Scopia system falls into the categories of both Unified Communication and Endpoints offerings in their portfolio.

Features & Benefits

Avaya Scopia Video Conferencing delivers rich, clear video conferencing services and solutions to modern businesses of any shape or size. Its low price point means that it’s ideal for both small and large companies alike. With Scopia, you can access incredible video conferencing in almost any environment with a complete range of high-quality endpoints. Additionally, the Avaya Scopia XT technology takes telepresence and conferencing to the next level with state-of-the-art technology.

Features and benefits include:

  • High-power video technology: Two 1080p video channels ensure high stability and availability. There’s also SVC for error resiliency, H.265 HEVC for bandwidth, and nine-way MCU support
  • Highly cost effective: The wide range of video solutions in the Avaya Scopia Video Conferencing portfolio allows for low TCO and high performance for any business
  • Simple installation and use: A natural user interface and set-up mean that people can start engaging in video calls almost immediately
  • Immersive communication: With Avaya Scopia XT Telepresence, you’ll feel like you’re in the room, no matter where you are. Install your XT Telepresence platform through a wide range of channel partners worldwide to suit your needs
  • Premium video conferencing: The Scopia XT Meeting Centre offers HD conferencing support for single or dual 1080p displays with specially-designed mobile carts built-in
  • Group conferencing: Group video conferencing is available on a host of custom room systems for any group size. Endpoints feature the latest technology, including H.265 HEVC, H.264 profiles, and;
  • Desktop video conferencing: The Scopia XT solution comes with a HD camera, stunning 24-inch display, and a range of other features for desktop conferencing. You can even access an echo-cancelling microphone for better audio
  • System Control: Access Scopia control – an Apple iPad application that allows you to control your Avaya video systems from a distance

Tech Specs

Avaya Telepresence Platform:

  • Equinox Management with Internal gatekeeper
  • Point-to-point Scopia Telepresence
  • Equinox Management with Internal Gatekeeper or Scopia Elite 6000

Scopia XT7100 Room System:

  • 2 Simultaneous 1080p video channels
  • HEVC
  • 10 times optical zoom, 4x digital zoom
  • SVC for error resiliency
  • 239 data collaboration
  • 3-way beamforming microphone
  • 4 or 9-point embedded MCU

Scopia XT5000 Room System:

  • 2 Simultaneous 1080p video channels
  • HEVC
  • 10 times optical zoom, 4x digital zoom
  • SVC for error resiliency
  • 239 data collaboration
  • 3-way beamforming microphone
  • Multi-touch control via Scopia Control
  • 4 or 9-point embedded MCU

Scopia XT4300 Room System:

  • 2 Simultaneous 1080p video channels
  • 5x optical zoom and 3x digital zoom
  • 264 bandwidth
  • 264 SVC error resiliency
  • 239 data collaboration
  • 180-degree range microphone
  • Multi-touch Scopia Control
  • Optional 4 port MCU

Scopia XT Executive 240 Desktop System:

  • Integrated Desktop video conferencing
  • 2 simultaneous 720p video channels
  • 264 High profile bandwidth
  • 264 SVC for error resilience
  • 239 data collaboration
  • Automatic gain control, echo cancellation and noise suppression
  • Optional 4 port MCU
  • Integrated Mac and PC control

Avaya XT Embedded Server for IP Office:

  • Multi-party connectivity
  • Embedded HD MCU for 8 users
  • Interoperable with H.323 and SIP video endpoints
  • Built-in firewall
  • Continuous video presence layout
  • Desktop Client
  • HD video using H.264 up to 720p
  • 239 data collaboration
  • Participant and moderator controls
  • Mobile Client
  • HD video using H.264 up to 720p
  • 239 data collaboration (receive)
  • Participant controls
Avaya Scopia Video Conferencing

Avaya Scopia

Target Market & Regional Availability

The simplicity of the Scopia Video Conferencing solution from Avaya makes it ideal for almost any business of any size. Additionally, the low price points for both the hardware and the XT Telepresence platform make it easier for all company sizes to access. Scopia deployments are supported in regions worldwide.

How to Buy & Pricing

Avaya Scopia Video Conferencing deployments and the XT Telepresence platform can be deployed according to the specific requirements of your business. You can buy the solution through Avaya, or a worldwide network of channel partners. Companies can implement fully-featured enterprise-grade video services for as little as $80 to $200 per user.

Avaya sells Scopia services on a port and user basis. The price of your system will depend on the mix of resolutions you use, and how often you plan on using video. Cost per user ranges between $100 and $200 as a one-time price for mixed-resolution deployment. On the other hand, for a full HD deployment, the price may go up to between $250 and $500 for one-time price deployments depending on how heavily the system is used.

FAQ & Useful Insights

The Scopia Video Conferencing solution allows companies to create a fully-immersive experience at an exceptional price point, placing Avaya ahead of the competition.

Q: How Does Scopia Rank in Terms of Interoperability?

A: The Scopia XT Telepresence Platform combined with Equinox Media Server or Scopia Elite 6000 MCU delivers high-level interoperability with presence solutions from Polycom, Lifesize, Tandberg and more.

Q: Are Recording and Multi-party conferencing available?

A: Users can access multi-party conferencing and meeting recording to turn real-time conversations into assets within their data storage strategy. Reporting and multi-party conferencing are included with the Scopia XT7100 system.

Q: Is it Easy to Install?

A: The Scopia is easy-to-use and immersive with intuitive meeting controls available with very little or no training whatsoever.

Have you tried the Scopia solution from Avaya yet? Let us know your thought in the comments below.



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