BlueJeans Announces Regional Leadership for APAC

Appointing new regional leadership for BlueJeans

BlueJeans Announces Regional Leadership for APAC

BlueJeans, a leading meetings platform for the modern workforce, recently announced a new update to their leadership team. BlueJeans will be welcoming Luke Richardson to their team as the VP and Managing Director of the Asia Pacific region (pictured above). The announcement draws attention to BlueJeans’ continued investment in APAC and reaffirms the company’s focus on its desire to connect regional businesses to a growing selection of high-quality partners.

Hong Kong, India, Japan, Singapore, Australia, and New Zealand are all rapidly growing markets in the collaboration technology space. In these areas, BlueJeans has seen a significant growth in the number of meetings and meeting minutes for the region, with 50% growth year over year in the last 12 months. Richardson and his team will be working with regional partners like Princeton and Arkadin to meeting the growing demand for collaboration and videoconferencing solutions.

BlueJeans Gateway for Microsoft Teams

Customers in the APAC region are particularly interested in accessing new opportunities to use the BlueJeans Gateway for Microsoft Teams to maximise their collaboration experience. To make the most of Microsoft Teams, businesses need to connect existing legacy conferencing options to Teams.

The BlueJeans Gateway supports this, deploying in minutes to help every employee take part in meetings via huddle spaces, conference rooms, and desktops. BlueJeans Gateway makes room deployments quick and easy with real-time management, analytics, and advanced security features.

The new BlueJeans commitment to the APAC region will also include a new data centre opening in Mumbai to serve the growing demand for the meetings platforms. Meetings for Indian customers will be hosted in Mumbai by default, and teams can choose AWS Mumbai for their cloud storage solution too.

Building a Powerful Presence in APAC

Companies like Khan Academy, a company offering mass teacher training opportunities for PISA tests, are already relying on the BlueJeans system. The Head of School Enablement for the brand, Vipul Redey, said that BlueJeans helps his companies to deliver practical teacher training to thousands of students across India.

The business plans to potentially triple the number of students using Khan Academy in the new academic year with BlueJeans’ help. Over the last year, the BlueJeans event functionality has been a crucial platform for the Academy, allowing it to provide remote education in range of remote and developing countries with limited bandwidth. These webinar sessions have cut training and travel costs for the business significantly while allowing them to maintain effective touchpoints with teachers. According to Redey, “BlueJeans is helping the team to improve the performance of their public education system overall.”

Luke Richardson said that he’s thrilled that the company is continuing to grow across APAC. The expanding demand for meeting platforms is exciting, and BlueJeans is ready to grow and develop alongside a network of talented partners in the years to come.


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