BlueJeans – Zero Download Full-Featured Collaboration

BlueJeans delivers WebRTC collaboration

BlueJeans – Zero Download Full-Featured Collaboration

BlueJeans, the first cloud-based service equipped to connect mobile devices, desktops, room systems and more in a single meeting environment, recently announced a new solution for their customers. The BlueJeans Meetings in the Browser solution is a fully-featured meetings service intended for organisations that want to collaborate with partners, third-parties, and customers beyond the standard security restrictions of the modern enterprise.

Most collaboration tools require users to download an executable file, but BlueJeans Meetings in the Browser uses WebRTC technology to respond to a growing need for a standards-based, high-quality meetings experience in the browser.

Accelerating the BlueJeans Path to Success

BlueJeans is a leader in WebRTC adoption. The company has already achieved the title of 2018 WebRTC product of the year, and the BlueJeans Meetings in the Browser solution comes packaged with a simple an intuitive user interface, along with spatial audio, and Intelligent Join – a new setting that allows meeting hosts to determine whether attendees will be able to join directly via the browser link or download their own client.

In a press release about BlueJeans Meetings in the Browser, the CIO of RedHat, Mike Kelly, noted that his company is on a mission to deliver innovation through open-source technology. The BlueJeans seamless meeting experience ensures that Red Hat can collaborate well both internally and externally, ensuring connections with partners, developers, and customers across the globe.

Because BlueJeans have embraced the powerful WebRTC open-source standard, their users can now achieve high-quality video meetings across browsers, with no downloads needed whatsoever. This ensures that even people in highly secure environments can collaborate.

Features of BlueJeans in the Browser

The BlueJeans in the Browser solution allows enterprise teams to connect with external parties easily, using a service that’s seamless for all parties. According to the Senior Director for Product Marketing at BlueJeans Network, Zachary Bosin, the solution is an important milestone in BlueJeans’ quest to deliver a fully-functional experience that’s consistent for any environment. Features include:

  • Support for Microsoft Edge, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Chrome and Safari browsers
  • Intelligent Join which ensures meeting hots can pre-select whether meeting attendees need to download a client or not
  • Spatial audio that allows participants to hear individuals speaking from distinct locations without accidentally stepping on each other’s’ toes
  • New BlueJeans Desktop app 2.0 functionality within the browser to deliver immersive video, and intelligent controls that hide when they aren’t in use

BlueJeans in the Browser will allow companies to worry less about managing their collaboration opportunities with people inside and outside of their business and spend more of their focus on getting work done. The ability to launch a meeting or conference without the need for a download or setup is particularly crucial to:

  • Customer service teams who require frictionless support calls
  • Marketing leaders who want to conduct virtual analyst calls and press briefings
  • HR recruiters and leaders looking to schedule virtual interviews
  • Sales representatives and leaders in search of a platform for virtual sales calls



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