Dolby and BlueJeans Rooms-as-a-Service

Rebekah Carter

Simplifying meeting room purchases

BlueJeans Dolby Rooms as a Service

Cloud communications pioneers BlueJeans recently announced their plans to offer a brand-new way for companies to purchase meeting rooms. As the first platform capable of connecting mobile devices, desktops, and room systems in a single video meeting, BlueJeans already have a strong reputation for innovation. The company’s new “Rooms-as-a-Service” solution, complete with Dolby Voice will take the portfolio to the next level.

This service-based subscription model gives companies a quick and simple way to adopt Dolby’s award-winning voice hardware and BlueJeans’ enterprise-grade conferencing solutions. Companies will be able to purchase their Dolby Voice Room hardware, support, and BlueJeans Rooms license all in the same as-a-service package.

Disrupting the Traditional Purchasing Model

The new Room-as-a-Service solution will disrupt the traditional purchasing strategy typical in the meeting environment. It provides IT decision makers with the benefits of a simplified approval strategy, predictable pricing, and scalability – all with the same vendor. Either sold through channel resellers or directly, BlueJeans Rooms-as-a-Service solution combines Dolby’s expertise with the intelligent video from BlueJeans. Partners certified with BlueJeans Rooms will be linked into the BlueJeans Rooms list, and work with them in deploying the new solution for customers.

According to the founder and managing partner at Recon Research, Ira M. Weinstein, his team recently completed a series of interviews with technology managers about the concept of rooms as a service. They learned that all of the 24 decision makers they spoke to were interested in this kind of model. Even larger companies with large deployments liked the idea of a turnkey meetings room offering.

Dolby and BlueJeans are working together to eliminate the barriers to adopting enterprise meeting experiences within their conference rooms. The as-a-service models are ideal for IT managers concerned with scale, adoption, and consistent management. According to Chief Product Officer for BlueJeans, Guillaume Vives, the company listened to their audience, understood their needs for a unified solution, and created a simplified way to implement new meeting experiences.

Exploring the Potential of As-a-Service Models

Andrew Border

Andrew Border

In a press conference about the new “Rooms-as-a-Service” solution, Andrew Border, Vice President, Communications Business Group, Dolby, noted that hardware and software subscription models are becoming increasingly common. As cloud-based as-a-service systems continue to explode, now is the perfect time to offer more flexible models for acquisition.

The BlueJeans and Dolby as-a-service meeting room solution is defined by superior audio, excellent video quality, and easy access. These solutions give companies the option to set up and join meetings anywhere. Additional features to BlueJeans Rooms-as-a-Service solutions with Dolby will include:

  • Command and control: Rather than having to keep a PC in every meeting room, the Dolby Voice room will be powered by the Dolby voice hub. This connected appliance behaves as a central control centre for every meeting space. IT professionals will be able to automate updates for software and security remotely and manage rooms via remote access controls
  • Quick Frame Whiteboard View: The wide-angle camera video offered by Dolby 4K provides incredible clarity and visibility to remote participants, even when the whiteboard is placed adjacently to the table and camera
  • Single device on the table: With BlueJeans Rooms’ schedule display, calendar integration, and one-touch join capabilities all included on the same conference phone touchscreen, there’s no need for additional tablets


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