Eric Yuan Reflects on 10 Years of Zoom

Rebekah Carter

Looking back on a decade of Zoom

Eric Yuan Reflects on 10 Years of Zoom

Founder and CEO of Zoom Video Communications (Zoom), Eric Yuan recently published a blog on the Zoom site, celebrating the company’s tenth anniversary. A decade of transforming video communication and collaborative experiences is no small feat, and Eric was keen to reflect on what he, and the Zoom company have discovered over the years.

Yuan started the blog by describing how grateful and humbled he was by the evolution and success of the Zoom platform. He noted that Zoom’s rise to fame has been unexpected, fulfilling, and challenging over the years, and that nurturing the company into a global household name has required a combination of good luck, and hard work.

Looking Back on a Decade of Zoom

Eric YuanEric, like many business owners, knows how often great ideas can disintegrate before they ever have a chance to see the light of day. Fortunately, Zoom wasn’t one of them. However, the company wasn’t always the global phenomenon that it is today.

A decent portion of Zooms customers today had never heard of the company until 2020, when the pandemic hit, and video became the only way to preserve face-to-face connections. The pandemic shone a crucial spotlight on the value of video communications, and the impact of a video software solution that was both flexible, and easy to use.

Although video and web conferencing solutions existed long before Eric’s company, Zoom was built on a desire to deliver more intuitive, reliable, and comprehensive video, for the age of digital connections. For 10 years now, Zoom has been fundamentally changing the way we think about video conferencing, making it simpler, and more accessible than ever.

Today, this commitment to innovation and transformation has definitely paid off.

Responding to A Changing Market

The Zoom company has been innovating from day one. With their eyes on a video first future, Yuan and his team have constantly updated and enhanced the Zoom platform, moving from a single video app to a full UCaaS platform, ready to support all kinds of small to multinational businesses.

Zoom today isn’t “just video”. There are Zoom Meetings, to support conferencing anywhere, on any device, Zoom Phone for modern telephony in the hybrid age, and Zoom Room for hardware and workspaces. Zoom even has Video Webinars and Events solutions for virtual presentations, Zoom Chat for instant messaging, and the Zoom API or App Marketplace for integrations.

Today’s Zoom landscape is also empowered by 21 co-located global data centres, 5,000 employees, and of course, millions of committed customers around the world. It’s impressive to see how far this forward-thinking company has come in the span of 10 years. But, according to Yuan, the journey is far from over.

Looking Ahead to the Next Decade

Even after 10 years of transformation, Yuan notes that there’s still plenty of room for growth at Zoom. Everything the company does is driven by the needs and expectations of an ever-changing audience. This means that Zoom’s portfolio is also ever evolving and dynamic. In his blog, Eric promised that he and his team will continue to listen to customers and take their feedback into consideration.

As Yuan noted, it’s the customers behind a company like Zoom that pave the way for its success. With a commitment to keeping their clients close, Zoom will be able to continue innovating and transforming the way we communicate for years to come.



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