Grandstream’s 4K Video Conferencing Endpoint – BroadSoft Compatible

Grandstream and BroadSoft join forces for Video Conferencing

Grandstream’s 4K Video Conferencing Endpoint – BroadSoft Compatible

The communication world is changing. Driven by trends like remote and mobile working, today’s businesses want a more immersive way to connect with colleagues and clients alike. Fortunately, video conferencing is the perfect way to bring all the benefits of face-to-face interaction into the digital world.

Services like BroadSoft BroadWorks for UC combined with state-of-the-art endpoints like the Grandstream’s GVC3210 could take your video experiences to the next level. Grandstream recently announced that their 4K GVC3210 video conferencing device is now ready to work seamlessly with the BroadSoft BroadWorks platform. You no longer need to be a colossal enterprise company to unlock the potential of high-quality video conferencing.

4K Video Conferencing for SMBs

Grandstream has a powerful reputation in the UC community for their award-winning unified communications solutions. Similarly, BroadSoft is well-known for their fantastic communication and collaboration options. Together, the two brands are giving companies a way to expand their video conferencing solutions.

The GVC3210 4K video conferencing endpoint is perfect for small to mid-sized businesses looking for a more immersive communication strategy. The device offers an all-in-one way to pack your communication service with powerful features. Running on the Android operating system, it allows users to connect with popular apps from the Play Store and integrate their system with Google solutions like Calendar. Additionally, the GVC3210 also features:

  • 2 speakers
  • 4 built-in microphones
  • Noise shield technology
  • 4K Ultra HD resolutions
  • Miracast for wireless content sharing

Despite a rich selection of features, the GVC3210 is exceptionally easy to use, and it comes with a low price point which makes it more accessible to SMBs.

Strengthening Connections with the BroadSoft Platform

Following the certification of the GVC3210, the Grandstream portfolio of UC products is now wholly interoperable with BroadSoft and BroadWorks. In other words, if you’re a BroadSoft service provider, then you can find all the endpoints you need within the Grandstream portfolio. This also includes the GXV series of IP video phones, the GXP series of IP phones, and the GVC series of video conferencing devices and systems. Other options include GrandStream’s Analogue Telephone Adapters, GXW series of VoIP gateways, and DECT or WiFi cordless phones.

GVC3210 Grandstream

Grandstream GVC3210

For years, Grandstream has provided useful devices and systems to companies around the world. Now, thanks to their fully-operational connection with BroadSoft, Grandstream can give service providers all the endpoint variety they need.

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