Introducing the Logitech Meetup 4K ConferenceCam for Huddle Rooms

We take a look at the latest entrant to the 4K huddle room experience from Logitech

Introducing the Logitech Meetup 4K ConferenceCam for Huddle Rooms

Logitech, the popular video and audio company, recently introduced the “Logitech MeetUp 4K ConferenceCam”, a high-def conference room solution for businesses of all shapes and sizes. The secret to success with this new camera are its collection of rich features, including custom-tuned speakers, and 120-degree field-of-view lens.

Since the 4K ConferenceCam was specifically designed for huddle spaces, it makes sense to define the “huddle” for our non-US audience. A huddle is basically a group of two to six people that sit in a meeting room all facing the same camera. It’s not the sort of conference where you might use multiple microphones or cameras.

As organisations are turning more proactively towards open-floor plans, the popularity of huddle spaces is booming. Until now, the devices used in those meeting spaces haven’t been much more than “simplistic” versions of enterprise tech. Logitech are giving the smaller market something brand-new.

Unboxing the Logitech “MeetUp”

The Logitech “MeetUp” solution for conference spaces has been purpose-built for the average huddle room environment, featuring unique audio and video services that ensure clarity for everyone around a table. MeetUp provides a reliable and highly efficient collaboration experience. In the box, you’ll find everything you need for simple setup, including:

  • Wall mounting hardware
  • Power supply
  • USB cable
  • Remote control
  • MeetUp ConferenceCam unit

Initially, it’s clear to see that the Logitech MeetUp camera is a compact, and impressive device, capable of performing just about any way you need it to. You’ll need a connection from the USB-A/C cable, that links the computer and the camera, and an HDMI connection that links your television and computer. You’ll also need to pair your device to your Bluetooth remote before getting started. However, you can use the soft remote on the iOS or Android app if you prefer.

The MeetUp works with most popular conference applications like Skype and Cisco, and you can use the remote to mute, adjust volume, and manage pan, tilt, and zoom.

Video and Sound Quality

As you might expect with a 4K Logitech camera, the optics and low-distortion engineering make for an exceptional picture. You can record 4K at 30FPS, but it’s probably a better idea to broadcast at 720p to limit your data usage.

The speakers on the Logitech MeetUp are custom-tuned to voice, which means that you get clearer high notes, more recessed mid/bass notes, and a boosted treble. Overall, it’s perfect for conference calls. There’s also acoustic echo cancelling features.

The Meetup also comes with three omnidirectional microphones that features a 90Hz-16kHz frequency response, which has been tuned for voice. In other words, you can manage sounds up to 2.4m away. Logitech have used a “beam forming” tech that aims the microphone towards whoever’s talking. You can also use an optional expansion microphone to increase your pick-up range to 4.2 metres. On top of that, the device is Cortana certified, so it can be used for voice commands.

Final Thoughts

Really, the only “slight” problem with the Logitech MeetUp is that it might have been nicer to have a Bluetooth connection to link the device to your computer, instead of relying on USB. However, the Meetup works perfectly for huddles, with exceptional sound and video quality, and the option for an extra microphone.

It meets all the criteria that you might have for achieving success in just about any meeting space, and the MeetUp is also a simple, sleek, and affordable solution for businesses, perfect for smaller conferences. The Logitech MeetUp will become available this month (July 2017).


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