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Introducing On-The-Go Conferencing with the Yamaha YVC-200

Portable conferencing and communication from Yamaha

Introducing On-The-Go Conferencing with the Yamaha YVC-200

As the trend for remote working continues to grow, companies around the globe are looking for new solutions to make communication and collaboration possible from anywhere, at any time. Yamaha, one of the marketplace leaders for audio, and a growing presence in the UC market may have introduced a new solution to this need for mobility, with their YVC-200 portable Bluetooth and USB speakerphone.

The YVC-200 device offers today’s users the clarity and flexibility they need to enjoy state-of-the-art conference experiences regardless of where they work. Yamaha has implemented their pre-existing industry expertise in conference phones into the creation of the YVC-200 system, to ensure that their customers get the same great meetings regardless of whether they’re in-office or on the go.

Supporting the Move to Mobile Working

During a press release about the new system, the VP of product management and business development, Phil Marechal noted that collaboration is no longer reserved for in-office experiences. For remote workers and employees on-the-go, a poor communication system can present a serious challenge to consistent productivity. As a trusted solution provider for high-quality conversations in the remote environment, Yamaha felt it was up to them to deliver something new to the marketplace.

Marechal said that the YVC-200 product expands the existing Yamaha portfolio with a strong and portable conferencing device that offers high-quality audio and innovation regardless of where the user might be. The device can be deployed wherever you are. All users need to do is connect their PC, , or tablet, and they can hold a meeting in no time.

The Ultimate Device for Portable Meetings?

Yamaha’s new entrant into the communications space could represent a fantastic opportunity for workers on the go who don’t want to compromise on audio and conversation quality, just to allow for a remote lifestyle. The device is small enough to fit into your hand, like a standard phone, and it’s packed full of all Yamaha’s leading technology for sound processing, including high-quality adaptive echo cancellation. There’s a “Human Voice Activity” option that keeps the unit focused on speech over background noise. Additionally, Yamaha has built intelligent microphones into the system o offer unparalleled voice support.

Yamaha has clearly put usability and accessibility at the heart of their new product. Users who want to start a meeting can simply connect the YVC-200 to whatever client they’re using and set the system up and running in a matter of minutes. The battery is even strong enough to manage 10 hours of operation, so you don’t have to worry about running out of power.

Who Can Use the YVC-200?

The YVC-200 operating system is completely agnostic, and it works seamlessly alongside a range of remote conferencing systems, including Skype for Business from Microsoft, as well as Zoom, BlueJeans, Cisco Webex, and Vidyo. With touch-sensor buttons that easily launch functions that you need in a hurry like microphone, mute, or speaker volume, the intuitive operation makes the unit ideal for almost any professional.

Yamaha has even appealed to their audience’s stylish side by giving them a choice of black or white designs. There’s even a headset jack to make sure that other people can’t listen to your conversations when you’re sitting on the tube!

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