Introducing the New mmhmm App

A new Video Conferencing service for the virtual age

Introducing the New mmhmm App

Video conferencing is a communication concept that’s gaining popularity at record speed. In recent years, professionals and consumers alike have begun to discover the power of video for mimicking face-to-face interactions in a digital-first environment.

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic hit in 2020, companies were already beginning to invest in video conferencing tools as a way to cut down on unnecessary expenses and travel. Now that more employees need to remain outside of the office, video is more essential than ever.

Alongside companies like Zoom and Microsoft Teams that are adding new functionality to their existing video tools, innovative new brands are beginning to appear too. The mmhmm app is an example of one of the most recent additions to the market.

A Custom Video Conferencing Experience

According to the creators at mmhmm, the pandemic forced a lot of companies into an environment where they were completely reliant on video chat. Although many organisations began to see video as a necessity, many still weren’t full comfortable with the experience available on the market.

Suddenly, everyone became talking heads in a box, and some groups began to lose their sense of connectivity with colleagues. With mmhmm, organisations can invest in more immersive experiences that make conversations feel a lot more special. Features include:

  • Immersive virtual rooms and backdrops
  • Show content “over the shoulder” for better insights
  • Team up with remote partners and present information at the same time
  • Share recordings with people who couldn’t attend
  • Educate and entertain with brilliant content sharing

Although the mmhmm app is currently in Beta mode, it’s still capturing attention at an incredible speed. The company is frequently working on new features and capabilities to make life easier for teams. This includes the recent “copilot” feature for conduction presentations with a team member. Twitter co-founder, Biz Stone, is a fan:

Lots of Potential for the New Era

The mmhmm app aims to take some of the digital inhumanity away from the video conferencing experience and replace it with something more immersive and intimate. Tools like interactive recordings as part of the meeting experience means that viewers can control the show according to their needs. This means that teams can connect better asynchronously too.

Like the original format for Dropbox, mmhmm is also rolling out access on a slower, case-by-case basis. Instead of giving everyone access immediately, the company wants to start with a few beta testers, and work their way up to a global domination plan. You can either request an invite from the website or get an invite from a friend who’s already part of the Beta experience.

Whether you’re looking for dynamic rooms and presentations, or you just want a conferencing experience that uses less processing power on your computer, mmhmm has you covered. There’s even the option to add support for different kinds of controllers and tools. For instance, you can add controller support for your video game tools, and more.

If you’re interested in trying a new style of video conferencing, explore the mmhmm app for yourself today!

Watch this space for more updates as we get them…


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