Introducing Zoom: Key Features and Benefits

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Introducing Zoom: Key Features and Benefits

Currently, the brand is one of the most appealing organisations available when it comes to enterprise communications, offering a secure, easy-to-use platform for messaging, audio and video conferencing, and webinars throughout room systems and desktops. The “Zoom Rooms” feature is currently a conference room solution used in huddle, training, and conference rooms around the world. So, what is it that makes Zoom so special?

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Zoom Video Conferencing

The Main Features of Zoom

Zoom is designed to help more than 700,000 businesses around the world bring their teams closer together with innovative communication and collaboration services. They’re recognised as being one of the best options on the market in terms of ease of use, stability, and video and audio quality. The main features of Zoom include:

  1. Meetings: The “Meetings” service is designed for collaboration, training, and technical support. It features whiteboarding, screen sharing, HD video and audio, and remote screen control features
  2. Video Webinar: For those who want to host a webinar online, the Zoom video webinar feature provides access for up to 100 interactive participants, with packages that allow for up to 100,000 view-only attendees. Sharing is simple with a single click, and there’s even dual-screen support
  3. Zoom Rooms: Zoom Rooms are Zoom’s collaboration offering, intended for everything from huddle rooms, to executive offices, and conference rooms. You can include remote participants, use one-touch meeting start features, and enjoy interoperability with a host of legacy endpoints, including Cisco, Lifesize, and Polycom
  4. Business IM: Companies can stay connected with text, image, and audio file delivery over instant messaging communications. You can build groups, set presence status, and search through content for the files you need
  5. 323/SIP Connector: Bring your standards-based systems into the cloud with the Zoom connector features. This allows you to enable room systems from a range of vendors to communicate with your mobile, tablet, and desktop devices with a single touch
  6. Developer Platform: Finally, Zoom allows developers to create their own stack solutions with video, voice, and screen sharing APIs. Simply browse through the resources and join the community to submit requests for APIs

What We Like About Zoom

Obviously, Zoom has a lot to offer the UC space, but you’ll need to dive a little deeper if you want to fully understand why it was named a leader this year by Gartner. Overall, the Zoom experience is intuitive and simple, perfect for when you want to evolve your communications strategy without a great deal of financial and time investment.

With Zoom, you enjoy the same standard experience spread across all your systems, with no complex training from one system to another. Because the system has been engineered with focus and expertise, customers say that Zoom is one of the most reliable solutions on the market, which is great when you’re looking for stability. With up to 500 participants and 10,000 viewers to choose from, you can adapt your strategy according to the needs of your business, and the Zoom model is easy to buy, use, and scale too.

From its straight-forward pricing, to its innovative feature sets, it’s clear to see why Zoom has such a strong hold on the marketplace.

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