Konftel Introduces Climate Neutral Video Tools

All-in-one eco-friendly Video Conferencing solutions

Konftel Introduces Climate Neutral Video Tools

Global leader in products for distance meeting and collaboration solutions, Konftel, has announced a new creation. The Konftel CC200 camera allows users to set up a screen for video conferencing within minutes. Additionally, there’s minimal need for cables, and the user doesn’t have to bring their laptop. What’s more, the Konftel CC200 provides customers the peace of mind that comes with a climate neutral rating.

The Konftel CC200 is the pioneering product in a new category of “collaboration cameras” for Konftel. This all-in-one device for video conferencing comes with an integral camera, video codec, and microphones. For sound, businesses can simply use the screen’s own speakers. If these tools aren’t suitable, you can pick any model from the Konftel range of speakerphones too.

Konftel CC200

Konftel CC200

One significant advantage of this new solution is that the video conferencing device doesn’t rely on a PC. This ensures that there are fewer sources of potential error in a conversation.

Designing a New Meeting Experience

According to Global Sales Director for Konftel, Tommy Edlund, customers are showing a great deal of interest in fully independent conference camera solutions. Before the COVID pandemic began, demand for video solutions was high, now it’s greater than ever.

Konftel’s new CC200 camera delivers everything that today’s businesses need. The dedicated hardware ensures predictability and reliability. What’s more, the collaboration camera supports all security mechanisms held by major corporations. This system is easy-to-use and all it takes is clicking the calendar to get involved.

Konftel’s CC200 camera supports H.323 and SIP and works along all standards-based video systems. The service can also be unlocked by administrators for the installation of Android apps. The Konftel is a climate neutral certified product which is diverse, and doesn’t consume much space. This can easily fit on top of monitors and make the system equally good for all home meeting rooms and offices.

Features of the Konftel CC200

The CC200 from Konftel is a climate-neutral solution too. This means that consumers using this camera can enjoy a carbon footprint of zero. Aside from an environmentally friendly design, the Konftel CC200 also features:

  • High-resolution camera with 4k sensor
  • No need for computer access
  • Two channels for easy content sharing
  • SIP and H.323 support for standards-based video systems
  • 102 degree angle camera and a 5 times zoom
  • Four built-in microphones
  • Active sound optimisation with OmniSound functionality
  • Intuitive user interface with Bluetooth and touchscreen
  • WiFi display to share content wireless with all participants
  • Recording for the meeting on a network device or memory stick

You can find out more about the Konftel CC200 camera and Konftel’s commitments to climate change on the company’s website.


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