Konftel Launches One Cable Connection VC Packages

Taking the hassle out of video conferencing

Konftel Launches One Cable Connection VC Packages

Leading collaboration endpoint solution vendor, Konftel recently announced an update to their video conferencing portfolio, designed to take the complexity out of modern conversations. Konftel’s mission is to help companies around the world upgrade their meetings – regardless of how globally dispersed their teams might be. The new range of Konftel video conferencing packages provides a simpler way for people to communicate over video.

The CEO of Konftel, Peter Renkel, said that the new video packages remove the unnecessary complexity of video conferencing, by giving companies a smart and cost-effective alternative. A common addition to the new video packages is the “Bring Your Own meeting” support, which means that all users need is a single USB to connect their conference camera, room screen, and speakerphone during a conference. The portfolio is being sold as the Konftel OCC (One Cable Connection)

Transforming the Video Conference

The Product Manager for Konftel, Torbjorn Karlsson, announced in a recent press release that the most important thing for most shared conferencing solutions is the ability to use the tools “with ease.” According to Karlsson, the new OCC portfolio allows companies to plug in and go with their meeting solutions.

More than 30 years ago, when Konftel first opened its doors, the ambition of the business was to become a pioneer in the conference telephones market. Now, Konftel has emerged as a leading player in the sector, supporting millions of enhanced meetings around the world. Earlier in 2018, Konftel even received a “Best Practices” award highlighting the company’s ability to disrupt the traditional conferencing market with new and innovative solutions.

Though Konftel has long held a strong reputation for their exceptional audio-conferencing solutions, the maturity of video in the meetings market means that the business can now take their portfolio to the next level.

Responding to the Needs of the Market

The Director of Global Sales for Konftel, Tommy Edlund, said that today’s video conferencing users have been crying out for a similar solution to the Konftel OCC system for years. Konftel is thrilled to support the needs of consumers around the world, and the new video conferencing packages have already begun to ship globally. While small, medium and large package solutions are available immediately, some market deliveries may be limited, to start with.

Alongside high-quality video cameras, the OCC solutions also come with one of Konftel’s OmniSound-enabled speakerphones and an OCC Konftel Hub. If you already have a Konftel conference phone, you can simply add the OCC hub and video camera.


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