Logitech Lead by Example

Logitech shows trust in own product with internal case study

Logitech Lead by Example

Leading provider of video conferencing equipment, Logitech, recently reported 100% growth each quarter this year in its huddle room devices. Following their unparalleled success in this sector, Logitech has released their own case study, showcasing that they really do “eat their own dog food” – or perhaps “drink their own champagne” would be more appropriate when it comes to telling their success story.

Of course, it could be really easy to dismiss this is simple and unimportant as customers assume this is just standard practice. Reality is that not all vendors utilise their own product offerings. Logitech has ensured that they are empowering their sales and service teams by practising what they preach. This not only makes sure they do not come unstuck in product demos but fully ensures they know every detail when it comes to their product portfolio and can share real success stories – as they live and breathe their own.

Fostering Collaboration

There’s a key theme at Logitech that relates to most modern businesses. It’s refreshing to see that even a video conferencing provider recognises the challenges a typical business is facing when trying to keep up with competition in the digital age. Logitech CIO, Head of Customer Experience and Head of Workplaces Services, Massimo Rapparini commented on the importance their own Logitech experience brings them:

“It’s really important that today’s workplace is creating an experience that is fostering collaboration”.

Rapid Adoption

Since implementing their own technology, the number of video calls performed each month has grown exponentially. From 700 calls a month pre-implementation to 10,000 calls per month, adoption has been simple and extreme thanks to the ease of use associated with Logitech huddle room, meeting room and personal experiences. This works out, on average, that every employee makes at least one video call per month. If you relate that change and collaboration benefits to your own business, it’s easy to see just how simple video conferencing can be. Massimo also notes: “If you’re going to create collaboration spaces in a global company, the only way you’re going to make that happen is by including video conferencing”.

Video conferencing is often seen as a tricky process to implement in larger business due to training and willingness to adopt new technology.

Video Conferencing for Recruitment

Head of Talent Acquisition, Americas and India, Vilma Saraza-Reduta, explained how her niche department uses video conferencing to improve the recruitment process.

“Team members screen up to thirty people each day. Video conferencing allows us to really see how animated people are and see how candidates respond and react”.

Recognising the importance of face to face communication in a world focused on remote working, Logitech clearly see the advantage of video over audio. This can only be a two-way street when it comes to enhancing the interview experience. Putting a face to the voice is comforting for both interviewer and interviewee.

Vilma also comments on the major cost reduction Logitech has seen since moving to video conferencing for interviews. “We no longer have to pay for flights out to interviews as our recruitment team has already vetted the candidates face to face via video”.

As Logitech continues to adopt and share their own video conferencing successes, it’s not wonder their sales growth figures continue to be more and more positive.

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