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Make Remote Meetings Smarter: Kandao Meeting

360-degree conferencing technology

Make Remote Meetings Smarter: Kandao Meeting

In the age of digital transformation, businesses are continually searching for new and improved ways to bring their team members together. Collaborative tools like instant-messaging apps, video conferencing services, and web-based content sharing solutions are providing people with new ways to communicate, wherever they might be.

However, while it’s easy to focus on the software required to create a productive meeting and collaboration environment, it’s worth remembering that the hardware matters too. Even the best video conferencing solution won’t help you to deliver better sessions if you don’t have a high-quality camera in place for those face-to-face interactions.

Kandao, a technology startup with a focus on video conferencing, hopes to eliminate the concerns involved with setting up full-duplex impromptu meetings once and for all with their 360-degree camera.

Making Remote Meetings Smarter

KanDaoThe Kandao Meeting 360-degree conferencing camera combines state-of-the-art image quality with artificial intelligence to supercharge your meetings and remote collaboration moments. This all-in-one conferencing camera aims to mimic the experience of connecting with coworkers face-to-face, through an exceptional 1080p HD video with crystal-clear audio clarity built-in.

With the Kandao Meeting camera, businesses can access the benefits of 8 omnidirectional microphones, as well as 2 full duplex speakerphones, and a 360-degree 8K camera, all in one neat and affordable package. The plug-and-play tool intends to give businesses of all sizes the technology they need for truly immersive meetings, by combining all the features of an intelligent meeting room into one device. What’s more, the machine comes with artificial intelligence built-in, which allows the camera to focus on the person that’s speaking at any given time.

This 360-degree camera from Kandao combines simplicity with quality to provide a remote meeting solution for businesses of any size. What’s more, you can automatically turn off the camera feed when the meeting is over, to maintain privacy and security. The Kandao Meeting conference room cameras can even dynamically adapt to the lighting conditions in the room, so you look human and natural in any light.

The Intelligent 360-Degree Camera

The Kandao Meeting camera is more than just a high-quality solution for meeting audio and video; it’s also powered by cutting-edge artificial intelligence, which means that it can automatically focus on the active speaker in a conference. When multiple speakers are engaged in the conversation, the system splits the screen using a 360-degree wide-angle view on top of the screen, complete with close-up shots of the speakers below. The camera can also dynamically recognise the person who’s speaking using smooth panning via a “Presentation” mode.

To make setting up your forward-thinking meeting rooms even easier, the Kandao Meeting camera also comes ready to connect with all of your favourite video and audio conferencing platforms, including Microsoft Teams, Slack, Cisco Webex Teams, Zoom, BlueJeans and many more. With the perfect combination of plug-and-play simplicity, immersive artificial intelligence, and unbeatable video and audio, the Kandao Meeting could be the go-to solution for companies that can’t afford to compromise on their meetings in a modern remote-working environment.


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