Managing the New Meeting Room with BlueJeans

Meeting room growth continues through 2018

Managing the New Meeting Room with BlueJeans

Innovators in the cloud technology and meeting room worlds, BlueJeans network recently announced that they’ve been seeing significant success with their BlueJeans Rooms with Dolby Conference Room, despite rumours that hardware is dying out. The BlueJeans press release suggests that the conference technology has seen a 63% increase in demand over the first six months of its availability, pointing to a significant growth in small-to-mid-sized meeting room environments.

This reveal supports the idea that while big meeting room spaces might be seeing a fall, smaller, more agile huddle rooms could be on the rise for companies around the world. In fact, these smaller spaces are becoming an essential part of the meeting experience, allowing teams to collaborate in a more flexible, and intimate way.

Capturing More of the Conversation

Acting on the positive results of their last study, BlueJeans have also announced that they’ll be introducing a new configuration of the successful product, which will help to deliver a high-level content sharing and voice solution when video isn’t necessary. The BlueJeans Rooms kit with Dolby conference phone and spatial audio will capture the full conversation with an innovative 360-degree audio pickup.

The meeting solution is designed to make remote workers and globally dispersed workers feel as though they’re sitting in the same room as the people they’re doing business with. All the while, built-in technology reduces noise and limits disruption.

With the Dolby conference phone “one-touch” feature, companies will be able to manage and access their meeting room experiences with greater ease than ever, all delivered with minimal investment costs.

The Rising Popularity of Video Conferencing

According to market surveys, around 66% of professionals suggest that their business is planning on implementing more video conferencing equipment in huddle room environments. BlueJeans have already demonstrated the strength of their market offering through countless positive reviews from happy teams thrilled to find a solution for quick and effective meetings.

The BlueJeans Rooms solution with Dolby conference room can be used in small-to-mid sized conference rooms for any business, and it will offer a more high-quality and reliable solution for end-to-end audio experiences. This highlights BlueJeans’ mission to consistently tailor their meeting space technology to reflect the changing demands and expectations in the conference room environment.

BlueJeans strategies continue to integrate with the new tools for collaboration and digital transformation that today’s companies are tapping into every day for the sake of productivity, efficiency, and user satisfaction.

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