Nuvias Teams up with Lifesize on 4K Systems

“Made Easy” initiatives aim to get companies onto 4K video quality for conference rooms

Nuvias Teams up with Lifesize on 4K Systems

With the launch of Lifesize’s latest 4K camera systems for video conference meeting rooms, Nuvias has unveiled an initiative to help channel partners with the tools and services they need to be successful with Lifesize Solutions.

Jonathan Morris

Jonathan Morris

Called “Made Easy”, the distributor has worked closely with its partners and Lifesize teams to identify the key requirements for success .

Among the tools and services offered to partners are on hand loan equipment and try and buys available on request;  dedicated teams to assist with device installations and monitoring; and a Lifesize cloud and maintenance Renewals specialist to drive recurring revenue.

Jonathan Morris, Lifesize Specialist at Nuvias Unified Communications, told UC Today in an exclusive interview that the ability for a company to collaborate over video has been proven to enhance productivity while saving travel costs and time.

“However, 40% of professionals still cite poor video quality/clarity as a key detractor to call experience,”

“This is where 4K comes in. Besides from providing a more meaningful connection of a face-to-face for remote meetings around the world, 4K has also unlocked new opportunities for sectors such as healthcare or design agencies. The high visual quality that comes with 4K allows users to see every important detail clearly, meaning imperative business discussions can now take place over video. “

Morris added that Lifesize have 15 years of experience in developing conferencing experiences which earned them a world class NPS score of 84. “This is recognised as an indicator of outstanding customer loyalty, due to Lifesize’s understanding of their customer needs.  Also, they offer an all-round solution, with their cloud platform, hardware and content sharing devices,” he said.

Long partnership

Nuvias UC have partnered with Lifesize for over a decade and recognised with an award, earlier this year, for being Lifesize’s number one EMEA distribution partner.

Nuvias UC are experts in introducing Lifesize into new environments and know how to overcome any challenges. Nuvias UC has a range of services to help support Lifesize solutions and maximise margin for partners: from pre-sales site surveys to help resellers find the best-fitting solutions for their customers, to renewals support and to provide their partners with an annual recurring revenue,” said  Morris.

Morris said that Lifesize are continuously innovating to adapt to the expanding market and ever-changing working requirements. He concluded,

“With that, they’re expecting a launch of another 4K Solution  – the Icon 500. This will be available from Nuvias UC with the support services,”


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