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People Power Out Loud

With all the advanced technology in the world performance is still driven by people, Amy Downs from Lifesize explains

People Power Out Loud

Amy Downs is Chief Customer Success and Happiness Officer at Lifesize where recruitment and people power has been critical to their success.

Firstly we explore the idea of company culture and how important that is for any business. Specifically within Lifesize culture was critical as they looked to change the direction of their business and strategy.

We then move on to discuss the competition within hiring especially exploring the differences from generation to generation. What’s the best way to create an attractive environment to entice the most talented new staff.

“Many people tell us the reason that they join is not because of the benefits or anything else, it’s because they felt like they were joining a family and that’s a cultural aspect”

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Presenter and Tech Journalist Patrick Watson and expert guest Amy Downs.

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