PGi’s GlobalMeet Review: Worldwide Conferencing and Collaboration

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PGi’s GlobalMeet Review: Worldwide Conferencing and Collaboration

Since its launch in 1991, PGi has devoted itself to creating communication and collaboration solutions that empower people and teams. Across 25 years, PGi has continued to deliver exceptional results, responding to the ever-evolving challenges of the marketplace. Today, the company is the largest dedicated provider of collaboration services and software. PGi even serves around 75% of the Fortune 100.

PGi’s GlobalMeet service is a solution designed to help enterprises conduct more collaborative and productive meetings, through web conferencing and conferencing calling facilities. Let’s take a look at what you can expect to get with GlobalMeet.

GlobalMeet Features

GlobalMeet offers a simple, yet effective way to make the most of conference calling and web conferencing tools, through highly accessible software. The features you can expect to enjoy with GlobalMeet include:

  • A user-friendly interface. Customer feedback settings and user testing mean that you track how engaging your meetings are and optimise for your users accordingly
  • Simple and dependable meetings: Attendees can participate in meetings via desktop and mobile applications with “Use My Computer” and “Use My Phone” features. One-click universal access leads to some of the most efficient meetings possible
  • Superior Global Audio Conferencing: high-quality standalone audio conferencing services mean that you can collaborate easily across the globe, with over 160 access numbers over 60+ countries
  • Engaging Multi-point video and screensharing: Simple screen-sharing and HD video optimises the meeting experience for productive conferences around the world

GlobalMeet Web Conference

PGi LogoGlobalMeet comes in two different formats: Collaborative Web & Video Conferencing, or Global Conferencing Calls. The GlobalMeet solution for web and video conferencing provides users with rich mobile apps they can use to enjoy one-click meeting access. The web conferencing facility supports up to 125 participants at a time with multi-point video for interactive and engaging virtual connections. Additionally, cutting-edge content technologies ensure the highest-quality, fastest performance around. We love the:

  1. Simplicity: A virtual conferencing service that’s all about user-friendly experiences, GlobalMeet comes with an easy-to-access interface, along with file sharing tools that are incredibly easy to understand. You can work seamlessly with other attendees through a whiteboard, or leave annotations on a screen, and there’s multi-modal support for access through phone, chat, and email
  2. Recording and storage features: GlobalMeet allows companies to store documents and record meetings in the GlobalMeet library, which is protected by 128-bit encryption, and there’s also integration available with Microsoft Outlook, for highly convenient presentation room experiences
  3. Control: GlobalMeet also provides you with plenty of control over your collaboration and communication experiences. For instance, you can control your webcams from the simple dashboard, block the video feeds on your network entirely, or view each participant individually. When people speak during a web conference, their webcam feed automatically comes into focus, to ensure that you don’t have to try and concentrate on countless faces at once

GlobalMeet Conference Calling

PGi also offers a GlobalMeet setup for people in search of a standalone audio conferencing solution. These highly-reliable and engaging audio conferencing services come with industry-leading global coverage, over an extremely reliable IP network, for enhanced business resilience and security. The impressive IP audio network also comes with more than 160 access numbers over more than 60 countries, as well as flexible connection options that allow you to join your meetings from mobile or desktop at the touch of a button. We love:

  • Simple recording for no extra cost: When you’re using your GlobalMeet system for conference calling, you can easily record all of your meetings and download them into the PGi dashboard without having to pay any additional fees
  • Easy participation: Instead of having to dial into a meeting when it’s set to start with GlobalMeet, you can set the system up to call you and your participants automatically. This means that you spend less time trying to remember phone numbers and passcodes, and more time focusing on the task at hand
  • Manage your calls online: GlobalMeet gives you complete control over your audio calls – just like it does with your web-based conferences. You can simply log into the system, view who is currently active on the call, and start any recordings you might need. You can also mute participants when necessary, or access operator-assisted services for larger conference calls
  • Pre-conference set-up: GlobalMeet even helps you to set up your conference experiences to make sure that you’re getting the best results. Before the call takes place, a representative can come along and coordinate rehearsals, provide insights into timing and flow and send invitations out on your behalf via SMS and email. Representatives can also gather useful information in advance, handle question and answer sessions during the call, and create additional private conference rooms

Finishing Thoughts on GlobalMeet

As conferencing solutions go, GlobalMeet offers one of the most comprehensive and easy-to-access services on the market. Whether you’re looking for a complete web conferencing strategy, or you simply want a stand-alone audio conferencing service to make sure that you can stay connected to clients, partners, and coworkers when it counts, GlobalMeet is there to ensure you get exceptional results around the world.

As the workplace becomes increasingly dispersed, GlobalMeet is designed to make connecting across geographical boundaries easier. By creating a system that keeps the user in mind from start to finish, GlobalMeet offers businesses a chance to access all the benefits of better communication quality, and enhanced engagement, no matter what device they’re using, or where their participants might be located.

Have you used GlobalMeet yet? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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