Poly Introduces Two Purpose-Built Video Bars

New video solutions from Poly

Poly Introduces Two Purpose-Built Video Bars

Poly, the company created from the combination of Polycom and Plantronics, recently unveiled a new range of video endpoints intended to simplify the Zoom Rooms video conferencing experience. Now, Poly is announcing two all-new video bars purpose-built for the video conferencing environment. The Poly Studio X50 and the Poly Studio X30 doesn’t require an external Mac or PC to drive the Zoom Rooms experience, making it ideal for agile companies.

Additionally, the new Poly Meeting AI solutions support breakthrough video and audio experiences built on the benefits of machine learning and artificial intelligence. Poly also recently announced that the G7500 video operating system will be able to support Zoom Rooms natively too.

The new device range will allow users to deploy Zoom Rooms in meeting spaces of all sizes, from board rooms to huddle rooms, with the enterprise-grade quality that Poly is well-known for.

Simplifying the Modern Meeting Space

Today’s customers love Zoom because it offers an amazing video experience. The Poly Studio X Series ensures that using Zoom in a huddle or conference room will be simpler and more powerful than ever. A conference room with a single purpose-built device for Zoom means customers get both innovation and ease-of-use in one package.

Open and flexible workforces also mean that the experience in meeting and huddle rooms has to be right to keep workers connected. Following the launch of Poly G7400 for the mid and large-sized meeting rooms, the Poly team wants to bring greater flexibility and choice to all meeting spaces with the Poly Studio X30 and X50 devices. Not only do these devices work seamlessly with modern collaboration applications, but they offer support for 4K UHD too.

Poly Studio X50

Poly Studio X50

Poly also recently introduced new Poly Meeting AI features to improve all aspects of the meeting experience with things like advanced noise suppression to make it easier to hear human voices over typing and other noises, and new video production rules. According to Joe Burton, the Poly CEO, and president, the team is continually looking at new ways to improve how people work with the software of their choice.

Helping People Work Seamlessly Together

According to Burton, the wholly refreshed selection of video devices available from Poly will streamline the collaboration experience for everyone. The Poly Studio X30 is ideal for smaller offices and huddle rooms, with support for 4K UHD, wireless content sharing, and more. The X30 also supports all of the Poly Meeting AI capabilities to ensure that businesses can access boardroom-style experiences in a smaller box.

The Poly Studio X50 is the larger of the two newer solutions, boasting even greater pick-up range with high-quality speakers to support larger conference rooms. The Poly Studio X50 5 times zoom, audio input/output, dual screens, wireless content sharing, and a huge speaker system. Flexible installation means that Poly Studio X solutions can sit, stand, or be mounted wherever necessary, with downward-facing connection ports that make flexibility more possible too.

Poly Studio X30

Poly Studio X30

To make the system easier to install and use, Poly also announced the arrival of the Poly TC8 touch controller offering native Zoom room interface, high performance, and single power-over-ethernet cable support, so there’s no need for excessive cables.

The senior analyst for Wainhouse research, Craig Durr, said that the Poly Studio X Series combined with the native Zoom Room experience would simplify deployment for IT admins and provide better moments for end-users too.

A Deeper Connection Between Poly and Zoom

Poly also recently announced the G7500 endpoint for mid-to-large conference rooms will be running the Zoom Rooms app natively, to complete the family of conferencing products. The G7500 combines content collaboration and video conferencing in a single device, allowing for advanced audio features, 4K UHD video, wireless content sharing and so much more. The G7500 can also be combined with an array of microphones, camera, and display options for immersive video and audio in larger training and conference rooms.

This is just the latest in a selection of amazing Zoom-supported tools from Poly. The Studio USB video bar from Poly is certified for Zoom, as is the EagleEye USB Cube camera. The Poly VVX line of desk phones support Zoom Phone, while the noise-cancelling support Zoom users on PCs, Macs and smartphones. In addition to supporting native Zoom Rooms, the X Series will also be supporting all conferencing capabilities via open standards, such as open SIP.


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