Simple Productivity on any Device: BlueJeans Sets the Pace

BlueJeans delivers a brand-new experience to customers

Simple Productivity on any Device: BlueJeans Sets the Pace

Cloud innovators BlueJeans recently announced a redesigned and enhanced meetings platform for modern companies around the world. The new BlueJeans desktop application was designed with end-users in mind, and it was tested on thousands of Beta users to ensure that every customer could access a simple, fast, and engaging experience with the perfect blend of intuitive and familiar features.

Available from any device or endpoint, BlueJeans can offer customers a range of audio, video and web-conferencing services, alongside a host of messaging and collaboration tools. What’s more, the BlueJeans service is now powered by Dolby voice to ensure high-quality and clarity with noise reduction and ultra-wideband spatial audio.

Introducing the New BlueJeans Experience

Mark Strassman

Chief Product Officer of BlueJeans, Mark Strassman

According to the Chief Product Officer of BlueJeans, Mark Strassman, the new meetings experience was designed specifically to suit the needs of customers. In a world where customer satisfaction is paramount, BlueJeans believes that their meetings solutions should be both intuitive, and easy-to-use, and their clients seem to agree.

In fact, the Vice President of Operations at LinkedIn, Brian Frank announced that BlueJeans has been a part of the social network’s meeting and collaboration process for years now, but the new experience has helped to boost productivity for the team.

Easy-to-Integrate Meeting Experiences

Brian Frank LinkedIn

Vice President of Operations at LinkedIn, Brian Frank

One of the main things that set BlueJeans apart from its competitors is the fact that it’s ready to play nice and integrate with a range of different technologies, all the way from interactive whiteboards, to digital assistants. For instance, Alexa for Business means that meeting participants can control their system using an Amazon Echo device as a speakerphone.

The Kaptivo service also integrates with BlueJeans to transform dry-erase boards into real-time collaboration tools that can capture and stream live content. Even the virtual assistant “Eva” from Voicera can link up with BlueJeans meetings to highlight notes, provide transcripts, and engage in other action items that enhance efficiency in the workforce.

A Simple and Intuitive System

The BlueJeans meetings experience also provides one-touch access to users from a host of devices and endpoints, including collaboration tools like Slack, HipChat, and Microsoft Skype for Business. This ensures that teams can work seamlessly together regardless of which device they want to use. The Dolby Conference Phone offers one-touch access to meetings through BlueJeans technology, and Workplace by Facebook users can stream their meetings directly into their Workplace page.

Meetings with BlueJeans are also incredibly easy for Microsoft users, thanks to the BlueJeans Gateway for Teams that offers one-touch native calendaring and meeting solutions in any room system. The BlueJeans service also includes Microsoft Office 365 scheduling features too.

To provide customers with the streamlined and simple communications access they need, BlueJeans offers one-touch solutions for customers of Cisco, Polycom, and Lifesize room systems. What’s more, the company supports the innovative WebRTC standard for a host of browsers, giving users the opportunity to invite participants into two-way audio and video conferencing without the need to download an app or install new software.

A Powerful Meeting Room Experience

Besides all the incredible features outlined above, BlueJeans has also further enhanced its meeting room experience with additions like:

  • Improved features for the Command Centre, including a live meeting management interactive dashboard and service intelligence system with more than 70 unique performance metrics to track
  • Complete control over the system from a security standpoint – allowing BlueJeans to access SOC 2 and SOC 3 certification
  • Support for the upcoming GDPR guidelines thanks to advanced features that allow businesses to protect the privacy and personal data of EU citizens

Customers are welcome to try the new BlueJeans experience for themselves today.

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