StarLeaf Achieves Recognition in 2018 Gartner Meeting Solutions MQ

Collaboration company StarLeaf celebrates Magic Quadrant position

StarLeaf Achieves Recognition in 2018 Gartner Meeting Solutions MQ

The Gartner Magic Quadrant remains (despite some recent reports) one of the most highly-commended and respected reports on the market today for companies in search of the perfect communications vendor. Every year, Gartner publishes multiple “Magic Quadrant” assessments, looking at sectors like unified communications, cloud communications, and even Meeting Room solutions.

This year, StarLeaf, a company known for its intuitive collaboration applications, achieved a position on the Gartner Magic Quadrant Meeting Solutions list for 2018. StarLeaf emerged as one of 13 vendors around the world with a premium meeting and video conferencing service according to Gartner’s latest review.

A Huge Win for StarLeaf

Gartner Magic Quadrant reports consider the reputation of a company, and extensive research in the specific marketplace to determine which vendors should appear on each release. StarLeaf offers innovative collaboration services that help businesses of various sizes to improve productivity and make better decisions in the workplace. The StarLeaf portfolio of meeting room systems, collaboration solutions, and video conferencing services give staff the opportunity to spend less time in meetings, and more time achieving their goals.

To be included within the 2018 Magic Quadrant, StarLeaf’s Meeting Solutions needed to meet with Gartner’s definition of what a meeting service should consist of. According to Gartner, meeting solutions are real-time applications for collaborations, and associated endpoints that support interactions within an enterprise for presentations, webinars, training, and teamwork.

Celebrating the Recent Win

Gartner reviews are trusted around the world, thanks to the analyst’s reputation as an objective third-party source of industry research. According to the CEO of StarLeaf, Mark Loney, the company is thrilled to have been included in this year’s Magic Quadrant for Meeting Solutions. Loney announced in a press release that StarLeaf’s position in the Magic Quadrant speaks to their customer’s enjoyment and “endorsement” of the StarLeaf experience.

Starleaf believes that their simple and easy-to-use collaboration and meeting room systems are what helped them to gain a position within the Magic Quadrant this year, combined with their fantastic service quality.


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