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Transform Meetings Instantly with StarLeaf Pronto

New StarLeaf device simplifies Video Conferencing

Transform Meetings Instantly with StarLeaf Pronto

Innovators in the cloud-based meeting room environment, StarLeaf, recently announced the arrival of their new “Pronto” device. The StarLeaf Pronto system gives users the opportunity to share screens and join video meetings instantaneously. Over the years, StarLeaf has earned a reputation for its intuitive solutions that allow companies to collaborate quickly and seamlessly. The latest Pronto development is an excellent addition to the StarLeaf portfolio.

StarLeaf Pronto is designed to eliminate the common issues of joining a conferencing system. Today’s agile employees can’t afford to waste time in the meeting room. People need to be able to walk into a conference space and immediately join the conversation. Unfortunately, a lot of video solutions aren’t set up for simplicity.

Power Prompt Meetings with Pronto

Various video conferencing vendors have taken steps to address the complexity of the meeting room in the past. Some companies have turned towards one-push buttons for instance. Unfortunately, most of the time, these solutions only work when the room is booked at the time of the meeting.

The StarLeaf Pronto device makes meetings simpler, no matter the situation. When a user comes into a meeting room, they just connect their Pronto endpoint to their computer. The computer should automatically recognise the user’s schedule or calendar and synchronise meetings within the office. From there, users can join the conference in an instant, even without booking rooms in advance.

The StarLeaf Pronto system also overcomes problems with instant and reliable screen sharing too. In the past, businesses have faced issues with the fact that no single connector can offer a link to every user laptop. Most of the time, it’s essential to have multiple adapters in the meeting room. However, adapters can easily get stolen or lost. Wireless presentations are another solution, but they’re not always as reliable as they could be. StarLeaf Pronto offers a smart dual connector for both USB-C and USB-A links.

All Mac and Windows laptops can connect easily to the same system, for quick and simple screen sharing – no matter the setup.

Make Your Meeting Room Simpler

StarLeaf Pronto quickly and efficiently simplifies the meeting room, by eliminating common booking and connectivity problems. There’s no need to set up a WiFi stream or search through adapters. StarLeaf Pronto offers a secure and reliable way to access your video conferencing system with ease. Through dedicated wired connectivity, the solution even encrypts all the data that you share.

According to the VP of Product Management for StarLeaf, Kevin Bernitz, the company is committed to changing the way that enterprises communicate. For StarLeaf, disrupting the marketplace means ensuring that employees are empowered to collaborate more effectively while remaining secure. StarLeaf Pronto gives users a way to connect, meet and share content in a matter of moments.


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