Yealink Launches Cloud Video Conferencing

Yealink Meeting for online collaboration

Yealink Launches Cloud Video Conferencing

Global video conferencing, communication, and collaboration provider Yealink recently announced a new cloud-based video solutions. Yealink Meeting is a platform designed to support collaboration in the modern landscape.

With the rise of COVID-19, the videoconferencing landscape has experienced incredible growth. Companies are relying on video to maintain human connections without investing too much into travel. This is why the Yealink Meeting solution meets the demand of companies in this context particularly well. Flexibility, data security, and ease of use are common priorities. Yealink Meeting also offers verified security and excellent interoperability.

A New Video Meeting Solution

According to the Vice President of R&D at Yealink, Li Liu, the company is committed to delivering more affordable and easy-to-use products to customers, therefore improving productivity, and support customers to operate from anywhere.

Yealink Meeting provides a simple video experience with one-click join. You can launch meetings from email and calendar applications, or just by clicking the meeting URL. The rich functions, such as whiteboard collaboration and instant content sharing also lead to a stronger experience.

Yealink also benefits from a highly secure background. The meeting service is compliant with GDPR and follows strict guidelines for data security. Signals are encrypted with the TLS protocol and feature a conference lock function. PIN-protected security is also available.

On top of that, Yealink offers a global multi-region solution for high-quality global conferencing. Nearby access is available to quick transmission paths, allowing for real-time communications and stable HD video. Additionally, broad compatibility means that users can join a conference through any mode, including web browsers, mobile clients, Microsoft Teams, and more.

Yealink Meeting, combined with its all-in-one solutions for video conferencing terminals, helps companies to hold meetings quickly and easily. This ensures the excellent outcomes of modern working styles.

The Latest Innovation from Yealink

The Yealink Meeting experience is the latest solution to appear on Yealink’s One-Stop video conferencing system, designed to support business travellers, office-based workers, and individuals working from home. Yealink Meeting offers a best-in-class high–quality video experience, intended to streamline communication for the modern business. The one-click setup and rapid installation means that companies can bring their teams together instantly.

Yealink Meeting is also available to use with iOS and Android, thanks to an app available for mobile HD video support. This solution comes with multiple network traversal modes for stronger adaptability according to today’s needs. What’s more, enhanced bandwidth adaptability and support for 70% audio loss, and 30% video packet resistance ensures a more professional experience.

You can check out Yealink Meeting for free today.


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