Yealink VC200 Review – Your 4K Huddle Room Solution

One-stop video collaboration from Yealink

Yealink VC200 Review – Your 4K Huddle Room Solution

Looking for a new way to fuel your huddle room experiences? Yealink could have the answer. Their recently-introduced VC200 huddle room system is designed to bring functionality and support to even the smallest of meeting room environments. According to Yealink, the VC200 Huddle Room will be an important component in their video conferencing offering, providing a secure and scalable service for companies that want video meetings, without the huge boardrooms.

We thought that we’d give you our first-look insight into the possibilities of the VC200 and what we like most about it.

Who Is the VC200 Designed For?

Yealink VC200 & CP960

Yealink VC200 & CP960

The Yealink VC200 huddle room service is designed specifically for smaller meeting rooms. As conference environments have continued to evolve, the huddle room has become increasingly popular with larger enterprises and small businesses alike.

The VC200 comes as part of the larger “VC” video conferencing portfolio provided by Yealink. Alongside the VC500 and VC800, it gives the company a pretty comprehensive portfolio of solutions for essentially any-sized environment. The all-in-one system comes with a codec, microphone, camera, and a bracket so you can set it up on a conference room wall.

What We Love About the VC200

As huddle room solutions go, the VC200 is a wonderful piece of kit, perfect for those in search of simplicity. The system is totally plug-and-play, and you can set it up within minutes. Some of our favourite features include:

  • The Ultra HD 4K Camera: With an ultra-HD camera, you won’t have to worry about fuzzy meetings and blocky presentations every again. The camera system comes with a 103-degree wide field of view, and e-PTZ
  • Beamforming microphone technology: Yealink’s impressive beamforming technology means that you get incredibly clear audio in any meeting room environment. The 6 microphone arrays ensure clear communication and fantastic voice pickup
  • Scalable: If you require a system that’s simple but capable of handling a heavy amount of voice, then you’re going to love the scalability of the VC200. It can manage up to 1080p video conferencing, and it’s got H.265 and HEVC codec support
  • Simple connections: With one-click wireless content sharing, no confusing installation cables, and wireless applications through or Bluetooth, anyone can use the VC200

Finishing Thoughts on the Yealink VC200

With the VC200, Yealink set out to provide an end-to-end video conferencing portfolio for clients both large and small. What they’ve accomplished is an accessible and easy-to-use system that brings more quality and scalability to the world of cordless and mobile communication. For those seeking an advanced huddle room solution, Yealink brings world-leading technology together with a simple set-up strategy, perfect for any shape or size of business.

Have you tried the VC200? Give us your opinion in the comments below.

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