Zoom Delivers Enhanced User and Developer Features

New dashboard and features from Zoom

Zoom Delivers Enhanced User and Developer Features

World leader in the delivery of collaboration and video conferencing solutions, Zoom Communications, recently announced the arrival of new updates to its platform. The updates include a range of improvements to the Zoom dashboard, for enhanced usability. Additionally, there are new features available to support developers and users alike, such as expanded data views to new Zoom Rooms functionality.

The new rollout follows a slew of extremely successful steps for Zoom over the last few months as the company has continued to thrive at the head of the conferencing and collaboration space.

What’s New for Zoom?

Some of the new features to appear on the Zoom Dashboard this month include the arrival of a People Count option. Zoom dashboards can now list the number of in-room participants in a Zoom Room and export data as a CSV file. This setting is available to enable at room, account, or location level. Additionally, account owners and administrators will now be able to access up to 12 months of data through the Zoom dashboard, and export that information into a .csv file. Admins previously only had the option to view one month of data.

Administrators also now have the option to filter past and live meeting results by tracking fields, and there are SIP-connected audio usage stats available to view too.

For users, Zoom has introduced an international date and time functionality that allows everyone to choose their preferred time and date format within a profile page online. The user’s chosen option will appear throughout the web on schedule pages for meetings and webinars. Additionally, the previous and upcoming conferences and webinars, email invitations and recordings page will also showcase this date and time.

Anonymous polling is also available from Zoom today, which allows hosts to check the option to make polls anonymous when they want to encourage honest feedback from individuals across the workforce. The host will not be able to see who has responded to the survey, or how they responded.

New Developer Features

The latest updates from Zoom also come with a host of developer features that will allow developers to build out their experience of the Zoom platform even further. Already, many Zoom customers rely on the APIs offered by the company to create webinar registrations, schedule meetings, and pull crucial reporting data. Zoom’s solutions also allow for automated system integrations with solutions like Marketo and Salesforce.

In the latest release, Zoom added over 40 API calls and a range of new fields for webhook events for Video Webinars, Zoom Meetings, and Chat, to provide a more frictionless experience all around. For additional insights into these enhancements, developers are free to visit the Zoom app Marketplace to find out more.


Editor’s note: Of course, these updates were planned and this article written before the recent Zoom Mac security concern, and some more updates have happened since the issue came to light.


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