Zoom Embeds Video Communications into IBM Watson Workspace Plus

Introducing intelligent collaboration for enterprise teams

Zoom Embeds Video Communications into IBM Watson Workspace Plus

Leaders in video communication solutions, Zoom, are contributing to a smarter enterprise workforce. The organisation recently announced the exciting news that Zoom video meetings will be embedded into the IBM Watson Workspace Plus application – helping enterprise customers to achieve a higher level of smart meeting room experiences.

Zoom’s reliable cloud strategy for video and audio conferencing along with chat, collaboration, and web communication has made the brand popular with companies around the globe. Now, they’re working alongside IBM to develop an opportunity for any Workplace Plus user to escalate chat experiences into the Zoom video meeting setting with single-click access. IBM will be integrating Zoom’s video communications into their system and selling it as the video aspect of Watson Workspace Plus.

The First Collaboration of Its Kind

The partnership between IBM and Zoom is the first of its kind to hit the collaboration marketplace, and the only solution out there designed with artificial intelligence at its heart. The Watson Workspace Plus system is designed to minimise distractions in the meeting room environment, through machine learning and natural language processing, so that conversations can give way to powerful business action. The collaboration platform is then enhanced by Zoom video meetings, which benefit from high-quality, reliable video and web conferencing services.

Through IBM Watson Workspace Plus and Zoom, customers in the enterprise space will be able to enjoy full access to HD conferencing and screen sharing with audio integrations. Meetings are available all the way from one-to-one interactions to conversations with up to 200 video users. What’s more, there are cross-platform collaboration services available so that people can connect through conference room devices, desktops, and mobile too.

An Advanced Collaboration Experience

Watson Workspace and Zoom are creating intuitive collaboration solutions for enterprise users, complete with whiteboarding, co-annotation features and more. The Watson Workspace Plus environment will soon be ready and available to use by IBM customers. All you need to do to enable your Zoom video endpoints in the Watson environment is contact an IBM representative.

According to the head of product management for Zoom, Oded Gal, this new partnership is part of Zoom’s long-term plan to create frictionless, clever meetings for customers. They believe that IBM is the perfect partner for them, thanks to their focus on smart collaboration features.

IBM seems to agree with Zoom’s positive sentiments. According to the general manager of IBM Collaboration Solutions, Bob Schultz, the connection between Zoom and IBM will lead to the creation of a faster, more effective digital workplace for users in the modern enterprise space. Users will be able to connect any way they choose, from a quick real-time message to a video conversation.

Learn More about Watson Workspace Plus

Following the recent announcement, IBM hosted a speaking session at Enterprise Connect this year on the 14th of March 2018. The session, entitled “Presenting IBM Watson Workspace Plus” covered the details of the emerging team collaboration solution designed on intelligent foundations.

Whether it’s simple conversations or complex tasks, Zoom and IBM will be working together to provide enterprises with a single platform for greater collaboration.

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