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Zoom Meetings Review: Breaking the Boundaries of Video Conferencing

What you can expect from each level of Zoom's Cloud Video Conferencing

Zoom Meetings Review: Breaking the Boundaries of Video Conferencing

As video conferencing technology emerges as a crucial component of running an efficient and connected business, companies like Zoom are leading the way with efficient deployment models and unique strategies for companies to take their meetings beyond the standard voice call.

Leaders in the Gartner Magic Quadrant, Zoom makes it easier for companies of all shapes and sizes to discover the value of video, whether you have a huge enterprise to cater to or just a small business. Here, we’re going to compare the options available from each Zoom Meetings pricing tier so that you can plan for success with your video conferencing strategy.

Zoom Pricing Tiers: What You Can Expect at Each Level

One of the most popular video conferencing solutions in the market today, Zoom Meetings simplifies your group conferences and gives you an easier way to engage remote employees on any device. Zoom Meetings comes with a range of features like one-touch start and join, group messaging, and even virtual background features. The question is, do you need a basic tier? Or something more comprehensive?

Zoom Meetings Basic:

The Basic tier of Zoom Meetings is a fully-featured free plan with unlimited video meetings. You’ll have a 40-minute time limit on your group meetings, but you can host up to 100 people, and enjoy unlimited 1-on-1 conversations. The Basic tier also offers:

  • Online support
  • A range of video and web conferencing features
  • Group collaboration features like file sharing and instant messaging
  • SSL encryption and AES 256 bits encryption

Zoom Meetings Pro

“Pro” is the next step up from Zoom Meetings Basic, available at £11.99 per month, per host, and it comes with everything you get in the Basic package, plus unlimited meeting duration for all group sizes, admin feature controls, and exceptional user management. Pro also comes with:

  • Custom personal meeting IDs
  • Assign scheduler
  • Reporting features
  • 1GB of M4A or MP4 Cloud recording

There are also optional add-on plans available for Meetings Pro, like the ability to add an H.323/SIP room connector, extra cloud recording storage, video webinars and toll-free dialling.

Zoom Meetings Business

Zoom Meetings Business is available at a rate of £15.99 per month per host, and it comes with all the Pro features, plus plenty of extras, like dedicated phone support, and your own admin dashboard. Business-level Zoom Meetings also features:

  • An on-premises deployment option
  • Vanity URL
  • Single sign-on
  • Company branding
  • Custom Emails
  • Managed domains
  • LTI integration
  • Cloud recording transcripts

You will need a minimum of 10 hosts to be eligible for the Business level of Zoom Meetings.

Zoom Meetings Enterprise

Finally, Zoom Meetings Enterprise is also available at £15.99 per month per host, but you’ll need a minimum of 100 hosts to get started. This tier supports up to 200 participants and includes all of the Business level features, plus unlimited cloud storage, access to your own customer success manager, and exclusive discounts on Zoom Rooms and Webinars packages.

Special Zoom Packages

Aside from the four basic pricing packages, Zoom also offers a selection of unique options available for customers in specific verticals. For instance, Zoom Meetings are particularly popular with educational institutions, and around 90% of the top universities in the US use Zoom for a selection of academic reasons. The Zoom Education package includes video breakout rooms, accessibility features for users with disabilities, and support for conference, mobile, and desktop rooms all in one session.

LTI (Learning Tools Interoperability) simplifies the process of scheduling Zoom sessions in course activity workflows, and there’s Single Sign-On available for easy access management too.  Zoom for Education packages starts at £120 per month for a package for 20 hosts.

There’s also a “Zoom for Telehealth” option that’s designed to help support telehealth groups who need access to video to support patients and medical professionals. The package comes with all the simple-to-use audio and video features you would expect from Zoom, as well as HIPAA compliance options too. With Zoom for Telehealth, companies can create virtual patient workflows, monitor patients remotely, and offer specialist remote visits too.

Finally, Zoom for Developers allows creative minds to empower applications through Zoom API, iOS and Android SDK and MobileRTC feature sets. The Zoom for Developers packages is intended to help you make the most of Zoom technology in pre-existing website and mobile applications. API commitment levels start at a price of around £80 per month.

Ultimately, no matter how you want to launch your video conferencing experience, Zoom has something to suit every group.

Zoom Feature Add-Ons and Extras

Speaking of providing something for everyone, you can also upgrade your Zoom Meetings experiences with additional add-ons, like extra cloud recording storage for compliance purposes, starting at approximately £0.32 per GB per month. The add-on ensures that you can stream, store, and download video recordings from the Zoom Cloud, with storage options of up to 3TB per month. There’s also the ability to upgrade with an Audio plan starting at £100 per month. While all of Zoom’s Meeting plans come with local toll numbers, the Audio plan allows you to add global toll-free numbers, Call Out, and local dial-in numbers for premium countries. If you’re looking to differentiate yourself with customer experience, no-cost calls could be a great place to get started.

Of course, for those really searching for a way to upgrade their meeting rooms experiences, it’s hard to overlook the potential of “Zoom Rooms,” the Zoom Meeting service that combines innovative software with flawless audio and video to create unique huddle spaces. Zoom Rooms come equipped with:

  • On Touch Meeting start
  • Wireless sharing for collaboration
  • Access through desktop, mobile, and other conference systems
  • HD audio and video
  • 323/SIP interoperability

You can even choose to upgrade your Huddle and Meeting rooms with touch screens directly from Zoom, featuring screen sharing, co-annotation, and whiteboarding.

Ready to Find the Value in Video?

With a selection of tiers to suit any company and even businesses from specific verticals, Zoom certainly provides its customers with one of the most advanced solutions for video conferencing. Additionally, because it’s a subscription-based service, Zoom Meetings users can either review every year or month as they choose, or cancel when they decide to move to something new. It couldn’t be simpler to manage your communications stack.

4.6 out of 5

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