What is Workplace from Meta?

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A popular platform for companies looking to improve internal communication

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What is Workplace from Meta?

As enterprise collaboration takes on new and more complex dimensions in a post-pandemic world, tools like Workplace from Meta (formerly Facebook) are more relevant than ever.

Launching off of Facebook’s incredible popularity, ease of use, and “sticky” UX, Workplace from Meta aims to deliver a similar simplicity combined with rich features to business users. This strategy has worked well, winning the platform large enterprise clients from around the world, including McDonald’s.

What is Workplace from Meta?

Meta’s Workplace is a popular platform for companies looking to enhance internal communication and encourage effective partnerships. It could be seen as an intranet in part, but it has several other functionalities.

Mobile and PC users may access the digital platform. Most workers are already acquainted with typical Facebook features like chat, forums, videoconferencing, and the newsfeed, making Workplace simple to implement. Its capabilities address four essential needs:

  • Enabling business communication
  • Keeping employees engaged
  • Strengthening culture
  • Staying connected to team members

How Does Workplace from Meta Work?

Workplace enables online collaboration, text messaging, video calls, and data sharing, focusing on live video. Workplace, created by the Meta Platforms Inc. team, follows the familiar and straightforward style of Facebook’s social networking platform. It integrates comparable aspects, including chat, groups, newsfeeds, live streams, and much more, to facilitate workplace communication.

Workplace announced the release of Safety Check in October 2018. After the tsunami that hit Japan in 2011, Meta engineers created Safety Check for Workplace, which enables companies to identify workers who may be impacted by a disaster and send and monitor replies.

Workplace accounts are also created and maintained independently of Facebook accounts. However, most of the underlying tech that underpins Facebook is used by the site. Meta owns and operates 12 data centers where user data is kept. It also draws from Facebook’s AI R&D. Machine learning is used in Workplace to filter the most relevant material into the news feed and generate intelligent suggestions while ‘downranking’ less critical information.

Navigating the platform is as simple as creating one’s user profile, browsing the news feed, and exploring the organized key features, just like a social media experience.

What Are the Key Features of Workplace from Meta?

The essential components that make up Workplace from Meta are discussed below:

Employee groups

The tool is built around teamwork and collaboration. Along with chat, groups allow users to interact and cooperate, and it is here that genuine value creation occurs. Groups may be structured based on specific sectors, functions, projects, departments, or other divisions deemed necessary by the organization. Users can publish, discuss, and exchange files inside groups.

Workplace by Meta Chat

Most individuals are acquainted with chat because of their use of social media. Employees may interact effectively via one-on-one, or group instant messaging and receive rapid inquiries. They may also send photographs and data to one another and make video calls.

Knowledge base

The Knowledge Library allows you to save and share static information like HR regulations, workplace processes, and templates. Anyone may transmit the material since it is freely available.

Video and polls

Live video is essential for company-wide meetings and when organizations must disseminate updates and announcements to all employees. Polls allow anybody, corporate or social, to support voting. As a result, all viewpoints are heard. Workplace also provides for dual user and group video chats.

Workplace by Meta news feed

Each employee’s news feed is unique, packed with items from the communities and groups with which they are connected and involved. The stream will show what is most relevant to users based on AI. Furthermore, relevant authorities within the business may guarantee that vital communications are highlighted and seen by everybody.

Org chart

Workplace’s organizational chart provides a comprehensive snapshot of personnel, their function or role in the organization, their direct supervisor, and contact details. When changes occur, the built-in organizational chart is immediately updated.

Third-party connectors

Workplace integrates with the company’s other IT technologies, such as Microsoft 365, Dropbox, and Google Disk. The connection facilitates document sharing and collaboration, all inside a single platform. Recently, the company also announced an integration for the social messaging app WhatsApp, owned and operated by Meta Platforms Inc.

Why Use Workplace from Meta?

One of Workplace’s most appealing features is the simplicity with which your employees can access and operate it. Because it is similar to Facebook, most users can pick it up and use it much faster than other internal platforms, which often need training.

Workplace from Meta is also suitable for hybrid and remote work. The emphasis on mobility, along with videoconferencing options and other functionalities such as Live Video, Chat, and Groups, makes it ideal for usage for teams, big and small.

Workplace interfaces with a wide range of business tools, including Microsoft 365, HubSpot, Dropbox, Tanda, Salesforce, Google Workspace, Jira, Zoom, and many others. One can leverage these integrations to automate key parts of the employee experience like recognition, shift management, campaign management, helpdesk support, and knowledge searching,

SOC and ISO-certification-led security procedures safeguard enterprise data. Meta Platforms Inc. also notes on its website: “While we look after your data, it belongs to you, so you can modify, delete or export it any time.”

Workplace from Meta Pricing

To start with, there is a free version of Workplace. The “Essential” version is free and enables as many as 50 groups. Workplace Chat, video conferencing, and 5GB storage per user is also included. Live streaming, auto-translation, and mobile applications are among its most sophisticated capabilities. Directory connectors and basic admin controls are also provided.

Its paid pricing plans are:

  • Advanced plan @ $4 per user per month: All the features of Essential, plus unlimited groups, 1TB of storage per user, frontline support ($1.50 per person per month), access to APIs and custom integrations, admin Insights, single Sign-on, 24/7 support, and more.
  • Enterprise plan @ $8 per user per month: All the features of Advanced, plus unlimited file storage, Enterprise Live streaming, multi-SSO, dedicated support, early access to new features, and more.

To learn more about this platform, check out the latest Workplace from Meta updates in 2022.



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