What is Zoom X?

A tailored online collaboration bundle by the video conferencing giant and Deutsche Telekom

What is Zoom X?

Published: September 29, 2022

UC Today Team

Zoom X is a tailored online collaboration bundle by video conferencing giant, Zoom and Deutsche Telekom that was announced in February 2022. Zoom X is only available in Germany and is “powered by Telekom.”

It is a Zoom platform version that will run on Deutsche Telekom’s network, and meeting participants’ data resources will be stored on German servers. Deutsche Telekom (DT) will supply dial-in phone numbers for meetings in Germany and 50 other global regions. The carrier will also handle nationwide contracting, order processing, first-level assistance, and billing.

Deutsche Telekom AG is a German telecommunications corporation based in Bonn, Germany. It is Europe’s largest telecom provider by revenue. Deutsche Telekom AG segments include Germany, Europe, the United States, Systems Solutions, and Group Headquarters and Group Services. All mobile and fixed connection activities are included in the German category.

Zoom Video Communications and Deutsche Telekom are reinforcing their current collaboration with this jointly developed product specifically targeted at the German market. Zoom X powered by Deutsche Telekom combines Zoom’s platform with Deutsche Telekom’s network features. Zoom X will be available exclusively from Deutsche Telekom starting mid-2022 for business, corporate, and public sector users.

How Will the Zoom and Deutsche Telekom Bundle Work?

In a nutshell, Zoom X is a cloud-based communication and collaboration tool that helps businesses improve their productivity and efficiency. It offers a variety of features, such as one-on-one chat sessions, video conferencing, screen sharing, file sharing, and more. What sets this technology apart from the competition is its focus on providing a simple, user-friendly interface that is easy to use and navigate.

For voice conversations, business users no longer require their phone system using Zoom X. They will be able to communicate from a single app, independent of location or device, by utilizing Zoom Phone with a fixed German or international mobile number provided by Deutsche Telekom. Calls to a landline, for example, can be redirected to a cell phone – while the call is in progress – with a single click.

As today’s enterprises aspire for frictionless collaboration and the management and protection of user data, Zoom wants to give the tools to help businesses succeed. This collaborative service is a significant step toward meeting the needs of our worldwide customers since it provides them with the local data security capabilities they need without sacrificing flexibility.

Zoom X, powered by Telekom, unites the best of both worlds: Zoom’s usual flawless and easy video communication platform and the best of Telekom network’s maximum stability, performance, and connectivity, along with additional features like complete transmission and voice functions. This allows businesses to offer the most value to their employees, partners, and consumers through digital communication and collaboration for everyone to profit. It enables providers to address a specific market requirement while allowing new working methods.

This collaboration provides an authentic user experience thanks to Zoom’s quick implementation and straightforward operations. Telekom also acts as a trusted partner for its customers, handling all service and sales operations.

Benefits for Customers

There are many benefits to using Zoom X powered by Telekom, including:

Meetings, phone calls, webinars, and chats all happen on the same platform

Employees can maximize their time with a single solution for webinars, video meetings, cloud phone calls, and group chats. Employees will appreciate not having to switch between many different tools.

Technology that is both safe and adaptable

Customers can secure their data from system failures and loss using Germany’s geo-redundant and state-of-the-art data centers. The open stack-based cloud operating system helps them to stay flexible even if their requirements alter unexpectedly. There is no vendor lock-in, resources may be scaled up or down, and the cloud architecture can be created as a hybrid cloud if required.

Personal assistance is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week

Deutsche Telekom’s customer service team is available 24/7 to help customers with any issues or questions. This makes it easy for your employees to start using Zoom X powered by Telekom immediately. The central hotline is free and available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, in English and German.

Personal data protection in compliance with the EU’s most strict requirements is assured.

With Zoom X powered by Telekom, users can rest assured that their data will be protected and stored under the strictest EU regulations. This ensures that personal information is kept safe and secure, giving customers peace of mind using this powerful collaboration platform. Ultimately, Zoom X offers a complete solution for businesses that need a secure and reliable way to communicate and collaborate. This powerful tool will help companies stay connected and productive, no matter where their employees are.

The Deutsche Telekom Cloud is fully committed to strict GDPR and already meets the GAIA-X criteria. Independent certificates show that they are GDPR compliant. This means Zoom X customers are protected, even under the stringent data protection rules of the CJEU’s “Schrems II” judgment.

The Bottom Line

Zoom X is a powerful tool that can help users take their business to the next level. It is easy to use and provides many features to help users improve their productivity. It is worth considering for organizations in Germany looking for a way to improve their online collaboration capabilities.



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