Workplace from Facebook Launches Shift Cover

A new post type for frontline workers

Workplace from Facebook Launches Shift Cover

Innovators in collaboration solutions, Workplace from Facebook, recently announced the arrival of a new feature for frontline workers. Shift Cover is a post type on Workplace that will allow frontline workers to switch shifts while keeping managers informed. Workplace will also be adding the option to subscribe to new knowledge library categories, which will be available everywhere by the end of November.

Alongside these new product updates, Workplace also announced new content for education on the Workplace Academy platform. There are now two live training options and five additional self-paced courses to help employees discover the benefits of Workplace.

Simplifying Shifts with Workplace

The new Shift Cover post for Workplace from Facebook makes it easy for frontline employees to find coverage for their shifts. These easy-to-use templates ensure frontline managers have final approval on all requests made. There’s even a dedicated tab for Shift Cover information.

Alongside Shift Cover, Workplace also added the option for users to subscribe to Knowledge Library categories and subcategories, so you can get updates on any reactions, comments, or edits. When an editor changes something on a Knowledge Library, they can decide whether that information is important enough to demand a notification.

New Live and Self-Paced Training

The two new live training sessions for Workplace from Facebook include one on “Advanced Theories of Postology”. This topic covers strategies for how to communicate effectively in Workplace, with insights into different post types and when you should use them. The second live session is “Be the Best Boss They’ve Ever Had”. This session teaches best practices for running a team or department with Workplace, with tips on one-on-one relationships, and building direct reports.

For employees that want to learn at their own pace, there are various self-paced courses available, including:

  • Group mastery 101: Insights on how to leverage group features in Workplace
  • Your posting arsenal: Different post types and how to use them
  • The art of the post: Learning best practices for Workplace posting
  • Create the best team group ever: Group feature insights and how to manage teams
  • Manage your team like a boss: Best practice guides for team management

Workplace from Facebook also introduced the new “Culture Carrier” toolkit for people who embody the shared values of a company. This toolkit helps businesses to identify their Culture Carriers, and it comes with a set of materials that help business leaders to recognise these professionals publicly as part of an engagement-building campaign.




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