Yamaha and TrueConf Confirm a Technology Collaboration

TrueConf and Yamaha supercharge speakerphones

Yamaha and TrueConf Confirm a Technology Collaboration

Trueconf LogoTrueConf, a company dedicated to giving modern companies the meeting room, mobile, and desktop conferencing facilities they need, recently announced a new cooperation with Yamaha. TrueConf solutions are already highly popular thanks to their compatibility with SIP equipment and their ease of use. Now, TrueConf is offering full integration with Yamaha’s YVC-series speakerphones, to improve the video conferencing solutions available to meeting rooms across the globe.

A partnership with Yamaha is clearly a powerful step forward for TrueConf, as Yamaha is one of the oldest communication companies in the world, starting in the instrumental space, and evolving to create audio equipment, home appliances, and of course, meeting room solutions. With the new partnership, Yamaha YVC-1000 and YVC-300 speakerphones will be fully compatible with TrueConf software. What’s more, TrueConf has offered additional integrations which allow users to remotely control microphone buttons on their Yamaha hardware.

What Yamaha and TrueConf Collaboration Brings to the Meeting Room

Yamaha UC LogoWith better interoperability between Yamaha and TrueConf, users will be able to access innovative, more feature-rich meeting rooms with access to a range of high-quality audio peripherals. The Yamaha YVC-series phones are easy to use, with the option to connect to smartphones, PCs, legacy video conferencing systems, and tablets. You can even optimise your sound quality preferences across multiple channels with a single touch.

Yamaha hardware offers exceptional sound quality across a range of channels because it’s able to combine audio sources through connections to various interfaces. Additionally, DSP-processing tech helps to create a more productive and efficiency-focused environment for communication across the enterprise.

An Exciting Step Forward for TrueConf and Yamaha

Dmitry Odintsov

Chief Business Development Officer for TrueConf, Dmitry Odintsov

The confirmed collaboration between Yamaha and TrueConf could have a significant impact on the unified communications space, particularly with customers who prefer to use on-premise telephony hardware. According to the Chief Business Development Officer for TrueConf, Dmitry Odintsov, the conferencing company believes that interoperability between their video conferencing services and Yamaha’s professional speakerphones will lead to a high demand from the enterprise space.

The Chief Sales Department Manager of Yamaha Music (Russia), Dmitry Levkovsky noted in a press release that the company is thrilled to be launching their cooperation with TrueConf. Yamaha feels that the new partnership will help them to deliver high-quality audio services to a greater range of users.

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