Yamaha Announces EU Unified Comms Business

Yamaha establishes UC European Business

Yamaha Announces EU Unified Comms Business

Yamaha, a company with a long-standing heritage in the audio and communication industry, has announced the establishment of a Unified Communication business function in Europe. The UC business, launched within the Yamaha Music Europe brand, will begin running in April of this year and is set to provide customers in the region with a stronger sales network, greater service and support, and a more advanced communication product line-up.

While Yamaha has been established in the Japanese market as a unified communication leader for a little over a decade, they’re still very new to global expansion. In 2014, the company launched their first strategic growth plan by expanding into the United States. The move began with the purchase of “Revolabs,” a leading manufacturer of USB-connected and wireless speakerphones. The Revolabs brand quickly became a subsidiary of the Yamaha Corporation, which was renamed to “Yamaha Unified Communications” in 2018.

The New Focus on Europe

The decision to expand their unified communications presence further around the globe comes soon after the “Yamaha Unified Communications” rebrand. According to the Operating Officer and Senior GM of the business division for Yamaha, Hirofumi Osawa, this new focus on Europe is a significant move for Yamaha. Going forward, the company will be striving to provide complete coverage for the European region, answering technical questions with rapid precision, and guiding customers towards the solutions that are best suited to their applications. Expansion into Europe will also help Yamaha to fulfil order requests faster.

The decision to optimise and continue building on the regional and technical knowledge of the sales channel for the European branch of Yamaha will mean that the business can provide their customers with a more immersive and convenient experience, including the addition of a brand-new dedicated sales channel team.

Looking Ahead with Yamaha

According to the Yamaha UC leadership team, the new European group will be able to offer greater assistance and support to customers who are hoping to update their communications systems for the current disruptive environment. The Yamaha EU team will be able to assist with everything from remote conferencing solutions, to huddle room applications for the mobile working market.

Yamaha CS 700

Yamaha CS 700

The Yamaha complete collaboration portfolio also includes solutions for auditoriums and boardrooms. The comprehensive video and audio solution is designed to offer clear and dependable communication experiences throughout a range of environments.


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