Zoho Connect Review: Crucial Connections

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Zoho Connect Review: Crucial Connections

As the modern workplace continues to evolve, becoming increasingly dispersed and global, business leaders must explore new ways of keeping their teams connected. Collaboration applications like Zoho Connect help to keep people, resources, and people connected while providing them with the tools they need for better productivity at work.

With all the tools your teams need to share ideas, host real-time discussions and create engaging applications located in the same environment, Zoho Connect can take any business to the next level. After all, when excellent communication and teamwork are at the heart of your company, it’s much easier to reach your goals.

Here’s what you need to know about Zoho Connect.

Features of Zoho Connect

Zoho Connect is a team collaboration software solution that allows your team members to collaborate and connect in real-time, share crucial ideas and manage important information. Users can leave comments on files, share documents, conduct instant discussions and more, all within a highly secure environment. Essentially, Zoho Connect gives you a private social network where your people can innovate. Features include:

  • Personalised user profiles
  • Company directory
  • Advanced and filtered search
  • “Like” and comment features
  • Private messages and group conversations
  • Notifications and @mentions
  • Information feed
  • App development
  • Drag-and-drop builder
  • Discussion forums
  • Knowledge management
  • Business manuals
  • Event management
  • Integrations with leading tools

Benefits of Zoho Connect

Zoho Connect offers all the benefits of a social network, without the security issues. Designed as a communication and collaboration hub, Zoho Connect supports seamless connections with colleagues and co-workers around the world. Your teams can pool their thoughts, access support from subject matter experts, and enhance work productivity in no time, all in the same easy-to-use platform. Some of the biggest benefits of Zoho Connect include:

  • Seamless collaboration and communication: Streamlining team communication is easy with Zoho Connect. You can create group conversations based on employee location and department, and even launch real-time feeds in Zoho Connect to keep everyone up-to-date on project progress
  • Create custom applications and integrations: Zoho believes in giving their users access to all the tools they need in the same place. Avoid juggling between multiple applications by integrating things like Google Drive, Asana, and GitHub into your Zoho Connect group. You can even create your own custom apps to automate and enhance workflows
  • Make information more accessible: Ensure your employees always have access to the right information with Zoho Connect. All your files will be stored in the same secure location, and you’ll be able to use Zoho’s advanced search tools to find data within a matter of seconds. Users even have the option to create advanced knowledgebases for their teams
  • Onboard new users quickly: Because Zoho Connect is so easy to use, onboarding new users don’t take long. You can bring new employees into the loop quickly and reduce the risk of information overload by only adding them to the groups that are relevant to their needs
  • Insightful analytics: Find out how your employees are using Zoho Connect with easy-to-use analytics features. You can discover which of your groups are most active online, create visual activity graphs for shareholders and more

Target Market & Regional Availability

Zoho Connect is available to companies of virtually any size, in any country where Zoho productivity tools are available. The lowest package for the product supports companies with “up to” 100 users, while the largest plan caters to mid-sized companies with more than 500 users. Zoho also supports custom packages for larger businesses.

How to Buy & Pricing

For the first 100 users, Zoho Connect pricing starts at $1 per month, per user, plus tax. As you continue to add extra users to your package, the price goes down. For 101-500 users, it’s $0.80 per user per month, and for more than 500 users, it’s only $0.50. The minimum number of users you can have on any package is 25, and Zoho offers a price calculator for your custom package on their website.

Finishing Thoughts: Pros, Cons, and Alternatives

Zoho Connect is an advanced team collaboration application that unifies resources, people, and applications in a simple and secure online environment. A fantastic collaboration tool for companies that want to host real-time discussions, create their own apps and build their knowledge bases, Zoho Connect can keep everyone in your team on the same page, no matter where your employees might be located.


  • Easy to use and simple onboarding for new users
  • Advanced security
  • Option to add an external network
  • High customisable
  • Create your own apps and add integrations with popular tools
  • Help employees collaborate from any location
  • Share files and ideas in real-time
  • Integrates with other Zoho Suite tools


  • Doesn’t offer support for all languages
  • Not ideal for freelancers or micro businesses
  • Needs more task management features

Possible alternatives to Zoho Connect include:

  • Slack
  • Foxit
  • OneNote
  • Trello
  • Jabber


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