Zoom.ai Launches Plugin to Automate Outlook

How to change Outlook from a blocker to an enabler

Zoom.ai Launches Plugin to Automate Outlook

Zoom.ai lives where you work. Trouble is, work these days is anywhere and everywhere. So, the mundane task of sifting through your emails, prioritising tasks, scheduling meetings and generally just getting some work done is made harder as we have constant access to email. Zoom.ai has recognised that somebody finally needs to do something about this. As a result, Zoom.ai is launching their new Outlook plugin to take hold of your workload full of meetings, files and emails and bring it right into your email inbox. You never need to leave Outlook again by introducing the plugin to quickly access your automated assistant and intelligently manage your workday.

Zoom.ai Outlook plugin

The Zoom.ai plugin sits natively in your Outlook client and acts as a panel within your Outlook desktop app, browser or mobile. Adopting the single pane of glass approach, Zoom.ai has identified Outlook as an integral part of a knowledge workers day. Once pinned to your desktop app, users will benefit from faster meeting scheduling, instantly finding files that would otherwise go amiss and quick-start, shortcut style prompts that speed up your Outlook experience. These include:

  • Who is <email sender name>
  • Schedule a Meeting
  • Set up a Call
  • Grab a Coffee
  • Meet for Lunch
  • Invite to Dinner
  • Go for Drinks

Easy administration

IT administrators can opt to enable all users or on a per-user basis. Within your Microsoft Office 365 portal, simply choose to install all or on a one-by-one basis. For users of the Outlook plugin, an automated administration experience is offered in the style of a clickable Artificial Intelligence (AI). Within the “more” tab, users can request a view of their day, or setup new tasks for the day by asking:

  • What Meetings do I have today?
  • When am I free in the next 7 days?
  • What is the weather today?

Chat with your assistant

Once a new task (above) has been initiated, you can chat with your Outlook assistant as if it was human interaction. Through Zoom.ai’s AI intent-based natural language process, you can sort your day for the activities that do not require exchanges with colleagues or external parties. For queries that aren’t covered or used regularly, the Zoom.ai Outlook plugin includes a “help” section to get you back on track.

Anytime, anywhere

Reflecting the nature of the modern workplace and preparing businesses to the future of work, the Zoom.ai Outlook plugin is available on any web browser, or in the Outlook App on both desktop and mobile. The Microsoft Outlook plugin works where employees work, increasing organisational mobility and productivity. The very nature of work has made the Outlook experience a difficult one. Your day is already spent between so many different windows, so streamlining your workday experience by adding AI is a must.

Zoom.ai will also be announcing a Google Chrome extension to continue the Outlook experience for users selecting Chrome as their preferred browser.

If you feel that your Outlook experience is perfect, then please reach out – I’d love to interview you to exchange experiences and best practices. For businesses and employees that recognise their Outlook experience is not perfect, the Zoom.ai Outlook plugin seems a simple addition to your Microsoft Office stack. For more information on the plugin, visit Zoom.ai’s product pages.

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