Zoom.ai Simplifies Meeting Room Booking

Avoid the extra step of booking a room with Zoom.ai automation

Zoom.ai Simplifies Meeting Room Booking

Think about the amount of time you spend booking (or trying to book) a meeting room. Now multiply this by the number of employees that might ever book a meeting room in your business. For small businesses, this might be a small but precious amount of time. For enterprises, the time wasted failing to book a meeting room first time could be astronomical. This is why Zoom.ai has introduced its new room booking feature. Integrating with Microsoft Teams Rooms, Google and Robin meeting environments, booking a meeting room can finally be a quick and efficient process.

What happens to my meeting?

When scheduling a meeting, users can now simply tell their Zoom.ai assistant how many people they need a room for and an available room will be suggested. This simple task often takes minutes, if not hours to finalise when conducted by humans – checking, double checking and then cancelling the original booking if a real drain on productivity. The Zoom.ai room booking feature also includes the following features:

  • Out of the box integration: simple connection to Microsoft Office 365 rooms, Google rooms or RobinPowered meeting rooms
  • Seamless room synchronisation: meeting rooms are booked at the exact moment the meeting is booked – meeting rooms are booked at the exact moment the meeting is booked so that  you are getting the most accurate availability data
  • Customise locations: Users can set meeting rooms to be building specific so the room booking feature doesn’t book a meeting in a room inaccessible to team members
  • Location-based booking – Enterprises have large campuses and different buildings, and their meetings span those. Get help with location-based booking and make it easy by creating “favourites”
  • Favourite rooms: Users can specify their favourite rooms so Zoom.ai learns to prioritise preferences if rooms are available – users can even order the list of favourite rooms; with the room at the top having the highest preference

How does it work?

When creating a new meeting room in either Microsoft, Google or Robin, users simply need to ask for a meeting room for a specific number of people to be added. To ensure the capacity is never missed, the feature will even prompt a user to update the number of people required so a meeting room is always accurately booked.

When meetings are postponed or cancelled, the room booking feature looks after this too. If a meeting is pushed back, the associated meeting room is made available and the new time may receive a new meeting room if the previous room is fully booked. If a meeting is cancelled entirely, the meeting room is made available again.

How can you get it?

Existing Zoom.ai Smart Meeting Corporate plan customers will receive the room booking feature at no extra cost. To enable the room booking feature, admins just need to add a new room provider. Once setup, all users in the organisation will have access to the new feature. This latest innovation is one in a large list of productivity enhancers that Zoom.ai is introducing to tackle the way enterprises communicate and collaborate.


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