Out Loud with Tollring ‘Tackling Toll Fraud Together’

In a special episode of Out Loud we host a round table to discuss toll fraud and the best ways to avoid falling victim to the fraudsters

Out Loud with Tollring ‘Tackling Toll Fraud Together’

Toll fraud is a huge threat to businesses in the UK. In this podcast round table we hear from industry experts about the state of fraud in the UK and the best ways for customers to tackle this.

In today’s panel:

Tony Martino – CEO at Tollring

Tony Martino joined Tollring in 1994 after successfully completing a degree in Computer Systems Engineering in Australia. Tony has been CEO of Tollring since leading a management buyout in 2002 and his experience and technical understanding of the telecommunications and managed services sectors have provided the springboard to Tollring’s success. Over the past 20 years, the telecoms arena has changed considerably and under Tony’s leadership, the Company has transformed from a niche software vendor to a market leading provider of business communications applications and services. Tony remains passionate about the continued success of the Company and its people.

Alastair Buck – BT General Manager for Voice and Wholesale Product Management

Alastair Buck is a General Manager at BT Wholesale who leads a team of Product Managers driving forward the range of legacy calls and IP Voice products. The Tollring Fraud tool is also under his leadership. Alastair has been with BT for 7 years and previously held Senior posts at Viatel, MCI WorldCom and Nortel.

Alex Mawson – Daisy Group Product Director for Voice Services

Alex is responsible for the Daisy Group Voice Portfolio across multiple sales channels including Wholesale, SMB and Corporate. As part of his responsibilities in Voice Services he teams also manage Telecom Fraud monitoring and have worked with various carriers and vendors in the UK to highlight the importance of Telecoms Fraud Management.

Patrick first asks each of the panellists about the logistics of toll fraud in the UK at the moment. Is it on the rise and are business aware of the risks? All of the expert panellists give their different perspectives and come to a consensus that toll fraud is an ever present threat in the UK and must be taken seriously.

The panel then examine how best to tackle toll fraud and products and services from Tollring can provide invaluable tools for businesses to use to combat the fraudsters. One aspect of the discussion that appears to be critical is the need for businesses to work alongside all partners from distribution right through to vendor level to ensure the most holistic approach to preventing toll fraud.

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Presenter and Tech Journalist Patrick Watson and expert guests Tony Martino, Alastair Buck and Alex Mawson.

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