Tollring – Exciting New Features at BroadSoft Connections

Tollring introduces new features to the iCall Suite

Tollring – Exciting New Features at BroadSoft Connections

During the BroadSoft Connections event in Miami, leading software development company, Tollring unveiled the latest changes to their award-winning iCall Suite. Tollring is well-known around the world for their award-winning solutions for communications analytics, fraud prevention, and call recording. Now, the innovative iCall Suite has been upgraded with a selection of new capabilities, just in time for the new year.

According to Tollring, the iCall Suite version 3.7 is the most powerful update to the platform yet, including a slew of features like workforce management, sentiment and speech analytics, supervisor call control, business performance analytics, and interactive wallboards.

Tollring Pushes the Boundaries at BroadSoft Connections

Tollring chose the BroadSoft Connections event as a platform to showcase the state-of-the-art additions to their already impressive anti-fraud solution for the SME arena. Both Cisco and BroadSoft consistently support their partners in coming up with exciting additions to their products. This year, Cisco has been actively encouraging partners to focus on the mid-market space. The latest iCall Suite from Tollring is now equipped with features to serve a wider range of bigger, broader companies.

Tollring’s updated value proposition has never been stronger thanks to their range of new features intended to enhance not only the contact centre but the complete customer experience roadmap. According to the Director of Strategic Alliances for Tollring, Carl Boraman, Tollring has chosen its upgrades by focusing on the features most relevant and useful to mid-market businesses. Version 3.7 of the iCall suite will harness and enhance business productivity in a way that’s both powerful and affordable for the mid-market enterprise.

iCall Suite 3.7 Will Be Available in 2019

Like many companies in the communication and technology sectors today, Tollring are in the midst of an exciting and transformative business journey. In a press release about the latest iCall Suite updates, the CEO of Tollring, Tony Martino said that the brand is embarking on a quest to “evolve” their suite of products to suit the changing needs of customers and strengthen their strategic market position.

The Tollring team also believes that the changes to their iCall Suite features will help them to offer more market penetration options to their partners. As new demands appear for security in the communications space, Tollring looks forward to expanding iCall Suite even further in the years to come.

Version 3.7 of iCall Suite will be released in the first quarter of 2019 for general availability.


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